Sunday, October 21, 2007

Face Book

I was scanning through a horrific article one fine Saturday afternoon.

As I was munching a packet of Chee Chong Fan and enjoying the serenity of an undisturbed weekend afternoon without my screaming clients on the other line, I became somewhat disturbed.

I was reading about a book, but not just an ordinary book, its called facebook. An intelligent system created by yet another Harvard Dropout who was recently offered a $500million deal by a certain reputable giant company for a mere 5 percentage share of his company.

I recalled being dropped out of course in my shool days, and I recalled almost dropping off my chair as I read on. Sure I was a drop out too, and I didnt fare too badly in comparison with the nerdy look of Zuckerberg (the creator of Facebook) during my early schooling days, but surely we are living a life extremely opposite of each other.

Fact is, drop out they may be, they are an incredibly intelligent lot. As technology advances and the world well connected together, we are seeing more and more millionares in their early thirties or even twenties (Zuckerberg is only 23 years old). I am clueless what milk powder they were fed on but I am quite sure the one that I used is of a more inferior quality.

Back in my study, I logged on to for the first time of my miserable life. Coincidently, I saw a facebook "invitation" from a friend on my yahoomail browser window. As I scroll down my list of mails I realized I had more than a couple of invitations from days ago. I must have been really busy.

I have since joined the community and hook up with a small minority of friends already lost touch, though I am still very inactive with tech stuff online and will probably stay that way for a long time to come, I am glad still to have at least learn what this lastest craze in town is all about.

No, I havent found the motivation to invite all that I know of, but I have least started a mini album for a peek in my life during my years of absence from friends once lost touch.

Now, back to my comic book.