Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Complain, its ok?

Most people who knew me know that I am not really the complain type (I think..).

By that I mean the usual pathetic "complain here" and "complain there" sob who more often that not countlessly perceived the chap on the road driving the BMW is probably an "ah xia kia" (rich kid), and nothing more. What more with his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend by the side.. "ya lah, father must be damn rich oni, if my father so rich I would also be dating that Maggie Q lookalike what."

You may not be surprised that these lot usually have common friends who will gladly pat each other on their shoulders in agreement, "yah, some guys have all the luck, we are simply unlucky oni what.. come drink til no tomorrow..wait there's fly in my beer... I am lodging a complain to Heineken when this phone receives a decent signal, Singtel is next on my list.."

I have met one too many. And that makes me tick. I am not saying that I am one chivalrous dude with a heart of saint, well I admit I do complain at times, but chaps like these are on the verge of extremity. I am sure many of you share my sentiments. You and I, both detest species of such.

So no, I do not think I am the complain type (I still am crossing my fingers), and does not aspire to be one.

But where exactly is the line to draw? In a busy and emerging cosmopolitan singapore society, one has to live up to the expectations of I presume, the society itself. The successes and better paid jobs of your peers can leave your mind jaded, choosing to cross the path of jealousy and perhaps denial. (Because while there are losers on the prowls, there are definitely pricks wagging around.) That aside, the stress and busy lifestyles of modern types does trigger one complain or two of one's wretched soul.

Just do not set kerosene (and fire) on that suave Beemer Convertible.. (can I add that its my dream car?)