Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Merry Christmas

A lot have happened since my last post.

On work, business is surviving. On health, its hardly improving. On family, its a matter of maintaining. On friendship, nothing has been changing. In general, life is always amusing.

On the bright side, Christmas is coming!!

Its the time of the year, gift exchanges of photo frames under $10 , NTUC's overcooked stuffed turkeys, lights in Orchard Road packed with sua ku tourists, and fake santas running around in oversized coats. Well, what more can you ask for? Its gonna be a fantastic Christmas yet again this year.

But Christmas is not all Merry for everyone. Its only for loaded folks with bloated bank accounts from at least 20 banks.

Every Christmas I am never any richer from the past years even though I had long made a pact with old Santa that I will be good and obedient. Just make me a little richer, I promise to be kind to the human race by being less racist and swear to go "green" in a desperate bid to save our little planet. I will drop in a 10 cent coin on every flag day and pay a dollar for every packet of tissue paper bought from hawker centre aunties. Hows that Santa?

Not good enough apparently. I still sulked during Christmas every year whenever I see insensitive chaps abusing their credit cards in designer boutiques and restaurants while I lament my long overdue card bills.

This year, I am still a pauper, money wise nothin's changed.

But life has been more fullfilling for the past year. My proudest achievement will have to be our little design studio started in September 06. We have beaten all odds to survive til date, and proven those around us who think otherwise. Sure, the road is still long, but our hearts will go on.

Not to mention the experiences learned and treasured. Not just work related, but the other important aspects of life. Looking back at the year, I am glad I am a year wiser, and a tad stronger.

Would have been perfect if my wallet could be fatter, but for now, I am contented just to look forward to a short little break this Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Face Book

I was scanning through a horrific article one fine Saturday afternoon.

As I was munching a packet of Chee Chong Fan and enjoying the serenity of an undisturbed weekend afternoon without my screaming clients on the other line, I became somewhat disturbed.

I was reading about a book, but not just an ordinary book, its called facebook. An intelligent system created by yet another Harvard Dropout who was recently offered a $500million deal by a certain reputable giant company for a mere 5 percentage share of his company.

I recalled being dropped out of course in my shool days, and I recalled almost dropping off my chair as I read on. Sure I was a drop out too, and I didnt fare too badly in comparison with the nerdy look of Zuckerberg (the creator of Facebook) during my early schooling days, but surely we are living a life extremely opposite of each other.

Fact is, drop out they may be, they are an incredibly intelligent lot. As technology advances and the world well connected together, we are seeing more and more millionares in their early thirties or even twenties (Zuckerberg is only 23 years old). I am clueless what milk powder they were fed on but I am quite sure the one that I used is of a more inferior quality.

Back in my study, I logged on to for the first time of my miserable life. Coincidently, I saw a facebook "invitation" from a friend on my yahoomail browser window. As I scroll down my list of mails I realized I had more than a couple of invitations from days ago. I must have been really busy.

I have since joined the community and hook up with a small minority of friends already lost touch, though I am still very inactive with tech stuff online and will probably stay that way for a long time to come, I am glad still to have at least learn what this lastest craze in town is all about.

No, I havent found the motivation to invite all that I know of, but I have least started a mini album for a peek in my life during my years of absence from friends once lost touch.

Now, back to my comic book.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Woof Woof

I had a surgery more than 3 months ago. So I was barred from all forms of exercises until my wound is totally healed.

Few days ago, I decided that I need to shed that extra 5 kilos I gained since the operation, so I decided to take a brisk walk around my estate with my wife. My usual 7km run route in the evening became simply a jalan jalan journey from my house to...well... my house (Its a round trip lah, I didnt idle, in case you thought I did).

So I thought, alright you can't run but at least you can walk, you fat ass. It should be a piece of cake.

But I was wrong. I couldn't complete my journey without the bothering pain coming on from my wound which I thought had completely healed. I had to take a really, really slow walk to get home. It didnt help that I had a slipped disc (I discovered it last month), plus my arthritic knee cap has been worse than before. It then suddenly occured to me that my health really suck. I am only 32 years old going on to 33. Just a few months ago, I still had a active and sporty lifestyle, I even picked up golf and I love the sport.

How the hell did all this shit happened. I was beginning to get really worried.

The thing about seeing a doctor is that they start to dig out all the shit problems you have once you start seeing them. I guess I was a happier man before I start donating my monthly salary to those perverted doctors. Now that I found out my list of problems, I became hesitant whenever I decide to do some sport activity. And it doesnt help that your family stops you from your regular exercise now that they are aware of your condition.

But I ought to get on my feet again somehow. This shit cannot continue forever. I decided that I will go swimming. The sport is stressless on your joints, and I've heard water therapy works as well as going for a spa treatment except that it is a lot cheaper. (ya, I know what were you thinking there for a moment, alright I am a cheap fuck)

But I guess turning to swimming isn't going to be much of a problem. There is only one however, in comparism to my list of health related problems that span from Jurong to Johore. And that one single problem is: Ta da!! I can't really swim.

As far as I am concern, theres only one swimming style I ever knew and swear by. No, its not the free style or the breath stroke. Forget it, it can't be the Butterfly Stroke. I am refering to "Dog Paddle Style".

Some kind chap I knew back in secondary school tought me how to 'swim' (I didnt think he was a good teacher, my guess is he loves dogs as pets), I owe it to myself on learning how to float. But thats as far as I get. I had to cheat through a swimming test during my national service days just to avoid going back to my camp for remedial training on weekends. I guess I totally blew it when those bastards insist that I jump into the fucking pool with a bloodly M16 and my uniform on. I need not spell out what happened, I reckon you have never seen a dog geared up in No4 uniform and getting all 'garang' with a rifle on its back waddling some 50m length of pool. Its utterly pathetic, more so I never made it to the 50m point.

I know, its a nightmare. I hate the water to be honest. I almost drowned that time if not for my Section Commander who dragged me out of the water on time.

But like I said, I ought to get out of my shit situation somehow. I ought to head for the waters, its my only option. And if you happened to see a pathetic dog waddling in the water next time you visit the swimming pool, don't bother to call the SPCA, it could be me.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Jack Pot

Things are looking up finally.

"You got the job." coming from the client at the other end of the telephone line.

"You got the grant." coming from the gahmen at the other end of the telephone line.

Even though its just a single liner, it sounded way better than Jay Chou hitting notes on his piano while he croons over his latest hit.

No, I am not mocking Chou. Don't get the wrong idea. I even supported his latest movie hit "Secret", and bought all originals of his music. I think he has got some real talents. But nothing beats reaping the rewards after all the sweat and blood you put in.

I repeat : SWEAT & BLOOD.

You spent weeks fine tuning versions of a pitching proposal request upon request by the client. You then lose your sleep over multiple versions of the colored storyboards. You get mocked by your lack of portfolio. You do your presentations like a salesman prick betraying his soul. You try to forge your best smile looking like a twat in front of the client when you have only like 0.0005 minutes of sleep in the last 48 hours. And you think your neighbour's chihuahua has got a more superior life than you. And I am not talking about one proposal, but many.

I am glad the outcome has been more than satisfying.

But the road further looks like one with more hurdles. The real challenge starts here I guess. With games and videos to work on against a timeline faster than China's speed growing economy, I think it will be yet a few more months of hard slog.

Aplenty has happened since my last blog entry. That was like, half a year ago. Steve took on a plaintiff role in the Odex string of lawsuits which ended all pleasant with the prosecutor dropping the case. My colleague and business partner Raymond re-grew his "beard" which more then bore a resemblance of an over-used kiwi brush. The lizard in my room has grown to a considerable size despite our devised plan to capture it, shouldnt have trusted products they advertise on TV. I got my fair share of mishaps which I shan't elaborate further. But I am positive of the months ahead. I believe the clouds should go away soon. I think hardworking and non-deterent souls will soon get our rewards.

Otherwise this world will be so fucking unfair, aint it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Burnt Out - Redirection to ""

I am not talking about EA (Electronic Arts)'s racing game Burnt Out. I am literally burnt out.

I am having a "HELL" of my time for the past month. My programmer MIA, and I am in a bad bad fix to deliver the job to my client.

Which is why I haven't been updating my blog.

But I haven't give up my blogging habit. Just go to : "" to view my latest blog.

Blogatpdds is our little blog corner for our Design Studio. Please enjoy.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Pursuit of HappyNess

What a month. Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Work, Family, all packed in 28 days.

February is ending. Today is my 4th blog post this month. Havent been able to write lately. Its a hectic month. I have had very bad news slammed right at my face this month, there were also some rather good news. Life keeps on moving for me. Its been a tough year in 06. I am embracing yet another year that will be filled with many challenges, test of guts, patience, and determination. People like us are fighters, we are not the societies elite, we owe ourselves a living, sometimes a mere rice bowl. But I am determined to make my life a better one than it already is right now. Its been a good 32 years so far. Every year I looked back after the Chinese New Year, it is always a better year. For I am a year wiser, a year smarter, albeit an inch wider. But thats ok, my jeans were always bought 2 sizes up.

No, thats not really ok. I am suppose to be image concious!

As I munched away my cheezels while enaging this "drag-myself-to-type" blog post, I didnt even feel the slightest guilt in me. I am getting on in age, and I am growing fat, I bet half of me was made up of oil and fab. But its weird, I am getting less bothered year after year. Geez.. what the fuck happened..

Anyway, today isnt about self conciousness. Today is about the closure of the month, a meaningful month, to me, at least. Nothing really changes as I march right into the month of March, but a step closer to all my goals set out in front of me, no less.

But my wife May is not feeling too well lately, and I am to take care of her in the couple of weeks ahead. She is the most important part of my life, and I have realised work should never be in front of your love ones.

The pursue of success is never an ending road, but at least it is clear cut. The pursue of happiness is a winding road, sacrifices has to be made, material needs forgo. It is neverthless something I will choose no matter how.

Til the next post. Take good care of your health all.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Post Hidden Agenda - I met a Corporate dick this week (Part One)

Both my wife and me are not in the pink of health lately. And things are generally not going well. But having the support from each other will tide us through, after all we have braved many, many, many storms in the past, I am sure nothing will ever deter us.

I am not a very mushy person and I don't have a fetish for Korean dramas or Bak Young Jun, but whatever I have written above is a reflection of my true feelings right now, no less. In times like these, I don't have to spell out anymore how much I appreciate my wife. Like I said, I am sure things will end up well for us.

I just want to write something happy today, but I feel compelled to let my feelings out at least in written form right now before I go on. And writing blog posts have given me freedom and a space to put my thoughts, at the same time settle some of my emotional struggles.

The week started with Steve coming back from China, a few meetings, and inclusion of a Valentine's day, plus closure of the week being our to be had company outing tomorrow.

Lets start with Steve coming back. Unfortunately I wasnt able to meet up with this dog friend of mine earlier, again due to work committments. This is bloody so fuckin' unfair. For the sake of making sure the projects are on schedule, leisure time is always secondary. However we still managed to meet twice this week with May in the picture. I am not a refine man, nor am I a diplomatic hypocrite "Mr Goody Suck Your Boss Dick" type fucked up asshole that I have brushed shouders with. I can frankly say I am as crude as freshly dug up crude oil from Kuwait. So when we exchange "Chee Byes", and "Nah Behs" over the phone before meeting up, my day was already brightened up. Yup, no hyprocracy, we swear like there may be no tomorrow, and we are racist pigs. But today's topic isnt about racism or an online "swearing" tutorial. (Though I did ever seriously consider the potential of the 'tutorial project'.)

Today is about writing something happy, which leads to writing about Valentine's day. Which I will write about tomorrow. Bloody stupid right? A happy blog post to be written today will be written tomorrow. But fucking hell, its 2.27am in the morning right now and I seriously need a fucking sleep. So fucking Turban scumbags and bastards, lets look forward to tomorrow. Oh, pardon my coarseness in my language, at least I am not a hypocrite prick.

Have a good night.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

One Lawyer, One Property Agent, One Accountant, One Banker, One Designer and His Wife

Dinners are great platforms to get together. You'll never get tired of the varieties of cuisine offered in Singapore. So you'll get multiples of dinner gatherings. Some dinners are enjoyed together with your heart felt friends, some are social dinners. As I sulked my way behind the driving wheel to cuppage plaza for a dinner planned 1 month head, my mind was already planning on "exit strategies". Not the IPOs or equity buy over type of exit strategies mind you, but the "I got to go back to office slog my ass over the night because the bloody miserable 50 cent job we secured requires my 110% attention because those lazy client bastards are the bitchiest and most demanding assholes you will never imagine ever served" kind of exit strategies.

Lame, really.

But nobody really ever cared and it usually worked.

Alright, I admit. I can be anti-social at times. But the unpromising prospect of deploying two construction type cranes to pull up my inverted mouth in order to forge my best smile for more than two hours can be rather devastating.

I usually enjoy a get-together once in a while, but my engine is simply not moving today. What happened? The unsympathetic workload along with many business lunches and hand shakes that was bestowed on me lately all the more call for a need to have a quiet evening. Alas, it was never meant to be.

Sitting at the dining table, there were six of us. Please refer to the Post Title. Remember I am not very motivated today...

The Lawyer is a fine man, he is forever kind, and he is always nice. The property agent is the lawyer's missus and she is bubbly like her hubby. The accountant is lame like his banker madame. Oh, fuck the rhime and poetry thingy already, it is really getting shitty.

I was actually just plain bored and unmotivated. And when you are bored you become mentally drifted. You drool when you try to force open your mouth, and you start to recite every single poetry and ABC you ever learned in from Sesame Street in your mind, just to simply pass the time.

In all fairness, the company was actually a great bunch of people, including the accountant and his banker wife. I was just being bitchy mostly because I couldn't make most sense of their coversation topics. (Plus I really am not in the mood for entertainment today, it really was just me this evening.)

However, professionals seem to have a lingo of their own when they speak. Sometimes I almost felt like an alien. Wrapped in a rugged long sleeve jersey and rugged jeans, I felt almost unattached from their long sleeve shirts and pants. We must have been 20 years old apart. I was just kidding of course. Credit should be given to my wife who buys me facial care to make sure I look 2 years younger from my 60 year old look. In reality, we are only a few years apart.

But my childish-like nature as a designer does have some contrasting differences from my lawyer and accountant friends. This will always stay true, in the wide spectrum of topics we talked about, I can't help but feel slightly deviated and at times, left out. The case would never have happened with my closer friends or my other designer friends. I may be wrong, it might even be my anti-social personality, but this feeling have strucked me more than once. I was immediately more at ease when striking a chord with my near counterparts.

And as I munched away my yakitori , it is left to my wife to save the day. She is a very natural communicator and have always managed to break the ices. I can't help but admired my wife. She is as versatile as a play doh and most amazingly she is able to bear my stupid nonsense all these years.

Lastly, I want to say that I was just downright tired and moody today. I had a great meal, in the company of some very nice people. I just hope I will have enough rest over the weekend and turn out a chirpier man to start the Chinese New Year.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Chinatown Visit at Night

"Lu guo jing guo, bu yao chua guo!!" (translation: Walk by pass by, do not miss by, or rather do not don't buy)

"You mai you song, duo mai duo song!" (translation: Got buy got give, buy more give more)

I got the feeling I have been time-transported to Tang Dynasty China where Famous Poets once resides.

Across the other candy stall, another golden haired uncle shouts, "AR LAI LAI LAI!!", "Zuo Guo You Guo, wan wan bu yao chua guo!!" (translation: Pass by left, Pass by right, You definitely do not want to let the opportunity simply pass by)

"Why do you think they tatoo chinese 'ang kong' writings all over their body", my wife reacted spontaneously as she laughed out.

That put a smile on my face. I recalled my 'hokkien peng' days, where some of my army buddies have tatoos of chinese writings, dragons and leopards painted all over their body. Exactly what you would expect from a page of a Chinese historic book found in the National Library, except the content is not printed on paper but on human skin. I used to mock at my army friends that they are poets because the tattoed Chinese text (usually on their thighs) are layout in vertical lines similar to that of Chinese novels.

As we squeezed through mosque street, we see stalls and more stalls, most of them selling Chinese New Year cookies, sweets, decorations and what not, mostly imported from China. Chinatown gets decorated and packed with people from all walks of life every time during this part of the year. As we look forward to the Chinese New Year come February 18, most Singaporeans would be shopping for 'nian huo' and preparing for spring cleaning. And visiting Chinatown is almost an essential part of our local culture.

"Xiao jie. Taiwan 'Mua Chi'. Original zen zong wan. Eat already gou li gou li"

As my misses is being dragged to one of the stalls by one JB ah beng, the opposite stall is swarmed packed with more people because of some prick medicorp artistes turning up, jamming up the already jammed up aisle. I must admit I took one kay poh look together with my misses, contributing to the traffic congestion, and behaving like some sua ku idiots.

Kudos should be given to people like us who contributed to the fat wallets of the Lao Beng Uncles and Lao Lian Hua Aunties manning the stalls. Because we really spent ourselves silly. Can you imagine buying $36 worth of candies in just one single stall? Such is our contribution to the economy in this region of Singapore. Adding on, we also contributed to 'a little bit' of our waist line expansion by stuffing Mcdonalds nuggets, wing zings and french fries into our stomachs, and subsequently curry noodles, fried oyster and tiger beer at maxwell market. Ya, I know, the above expression 'a little bit' is overly understated. My tummy now feels like its drooping out of my pants as I typed. Shit. I will slap myself silly with 5 extra rounds at the running track from now on.

Personally, I like Chinatown because it is a heritage area for most of us immigrants who came from China decades ago. As a matter of fact, I am a sucker for old things. I can play Tony Bennett's "I left My Heart in San Fransisco" in my car for 2 straight weeks until my wife threatens with a divorce paper.

'Gu Chia Jui", hokkien expression of the mandarin term 'Niu Che Shui', known as Singapore's Chinatown is also a mixture of the old and hip culture altogether. Sprawling along the streets of Chinatown, you would expect to see "Ba Kut Teh" eating houses standing together with PartyWorld KTVs side by side. I used to worked in Chinatown up in one of the shop houses some years ago as a designer, this further adds on to my nostalgic liking for the place. Afterall, part of my best working life as a younger designer was once here.

It has been our yearly routine to visit Chinatown, May and I will never get tired of the uncles reciting poems by their stalls. Their creativity only makes coming to Chinatown more enjoyable. Save for the mediacorp artistes who were there to cripple human traffic flow (and turned us mere beings into sua kus), this is a terrific place.

Let us look forward to a properous 'PIG' year. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Hong Bao Na Lai, Ru Guo Bu Lai, Yi Hou Bie Lai!!!!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Boring Post about Slacking And a Wife Who Finally Reads

I thought I must write something. Even though nothing extraordinary happened lately and I frankly have got nothing interesting to write about.

But my wife finally read my blog!! After all the pestering and teasing, she finally gave in even posted a comment! So I decided to write something. Maybe I can post a topic on my wife reading my blog?! Sure sounds exciting right? But there's really nothing much to write except the expected remarks she made this evening at Cedele Cafe Wheelock Place:

"Now that you have read my blog, dont you find it interesting? Don't you feel like you want to go back and find out about my new blog posts?" I said. beaming with enthusiasm.

She goes, "What??! I already give you face by reading your blog liao. I don't even read story books. You think I really am your Fans ar? Now move your butt and bring me some bread from the bread corner."

A few days ago she said my blogs are not bad, that it is quite expressive, that it is quite interesting, that it...

Nevermind :(

So I decided to write something else.

Last week there was hardly time to breathe due to the unsurprisingly huge work load. Then the week started off with a bumpy ride with Monday working till 2am for Tuesday morning's meeting, which followed by another meeting in town that leaves us little time for lunch. Then we decided to SLACK.

Husband and wife, together in the same companies, running 2 businesses decided that it is more promising to hold grande size hot mochas in our hands at Wisma Atrium's Starbuck's cafe then sipping "Milo Dinosaur" at Woodlands Industrial Estate Canteen.

So it was set.

We shopped. We spent. We ate. We drank. We laughed ourselves silly. We really slacked.

We embark on our slacking expedition starting at 2pm in the afternoon. Starbucks was our 1st stop. One cafe latte, one ice cafe mocha, a piece of the chocolate eclair and a chocolaty Danish to set the mood. The more I sipped my grande mocha, the more I was convinced slacking was the best decision we made for the day.

And there was more. We bought aplenty. Retail theraphy at its best. Little crowd, many shops. The fact that people are slogging at work while we are slacking during office hours is really quite a turn on.

Dinner was settled at Billy Bombers Cathay Building at Handy Road. Ribs & Buffalo Wings, Root beer & Soda.

It was a great Tuesday. It was spontaneous, it was simple, just roaming around without aim, but it was great.

And the price I paid for slacking? Having to work on my notebook while I was getting my hair colored in the hair salon this evening. There is still a timeline to meet nevertheless. But I say it was worth it. It was all worth it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just a thought I pondered

The carpark looked familiar.

13 years ago I was doing warm-down exercises together with my camp mates at the same car park. Looking back the years, Salarang Camp have not changed much. It still look.. like an army camp. I half suspected there is a time stall in this part of Singapore. (I think it is more of the feeling and stereotyping, camps being camps and the dreaded ICTs every year.)

Better and bigger malls have sprung up everywhere over the island throughout the years (Think Vivo City). Trendy American cafe joints that offer high class 'kopi peng' have already invaded the country faster than SARS can spread. Yet, the army camp looked similar to me from the day I left the place more than a decade ago. I must add again, it is just my biased perception. As a matter of fact, everything is now electronic even in the SAF, and better.

I guess my point is : The world has changed. At an increasing speed.

And stepping back into Salarang camp have caused me to ponder. Those days (my NS days) where pagers cost hundreds of dollars to own, army boys used to queue up at the pathetic lone coin phone below their bunk waiting for their turn to make smooching calls to their girlfriends.

Earlier this afternoon as I drove in with my shining blue sports car, I was told to wind down my window and reminded not to bring in any camera phones.

I started to look back at how fast the society had advanced. We now lived in the digital age, where earthquakes in Taiwan crippled internet connections, resulting in billions of dollars lost in the commercial world. Less than a decade ago, we would have relied heavily on only fax machines. Now we cannot live in a world without emails, msn, and youtube. Camera phones are are now banned in army camps. In my army days, I used to walk around with my pager sticking of the front pocket of my levi's 501 button jeans, and I used to think I looked cool. Fuck.

Kids now carry cellphones wherever they go. Lately, one Singapore kid even broke the guiness record for the world's fastest sms typer!

Just 5 mins drive from my office, there is a polytechnic that runs a paperles system. The students generally bring their laptops everywhere they go. The exams are even conducted paperless, with students keying anwers into the laptops. I wonder how the new generation will end up, and the generation after that. How would it be?

Back in Salarang camp, I looked at the documents I carried in my hand. Without the essential army online portal, I wouldn't have been able to print out my 'SAF100'. I did not even receive a letter notice for my call up service, I was simply requested to return to camp via a system which sends message to my cell phone.


Friday, January 19, 2007

A Blog Post Dedicated to a Dog

Many meetings were held, many decisions made, many designs created, many proposals typed, one friend left for China yesterday.

Ah Tan was a 15 year old nerd head when I met him some 17 years ago. While he did not exactly score well with the 'Hip' department back then, he look different now. Slightly better lah.

At 32, he claims he is still a virgin. I should add that he made several claims, none would have pass through the lie detector successfully. He may be a liar, he may be 'Beng', he may be crude, he may even be a dog mother low life scumbag, but he is the best dog mother friend I have known.

True, his unique charm may attract 'Ah lians' like bees to honey, or rather.. flies to (i better not go too far, after all he is the only true supporter of this blog), but he does have a sense of HIS OWN humour. He is also a great inventor and a linguist. To quote examples, some of his inventions go as far as "toisert","forg", "guud di", and "sqeed", with the latter being the human male & female's private functioning mechanism - Clue, lower portion & upper region respectively.

They asked him to go China shoot some films for nine months, but he is allow to come back for the Chinese New Year Break in one month's time. Singapore will once again be deprive of another great man, for one month at least. But the streets will once again be safer, the air clearer, and the lians lonelier.

But hey, don't we welcome some nonsense now and then. His nonsense will be missed, he will be missed, by his friends, family and lians. I say we welcome him soon for the CNY.

Few things to add before I end this post.

1) A lot of us had a sumptous meal yesterday. (And a little bit of champagne)
2) "toisert" is Ah Tan's version of washroom.
3) "forg" is interpretated as smoking.
4) The rest of Ah Tan's inventions are deemed to be inappropriate for publication and may invite lawsuits if ever disclosed to public.
5) Steve is Ah Tan's real name.

Take care my bro.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Am Trying to Get My Wife To Read My Blog

"You call your blog 'Design Guy' ah? Nobody will read your blog."

"Huh.. why?"

"All design people xiao xiao wan, nobody will read yr blog."

" :( "

Those were the passing remarks she made just 60 seconds earlier.

She is just right behind me as I am typing this post, engrossing in her Taiwanese 'Ou Xiang Ju' vcd, her eyes stuck to the 28inch TV screen. She is totally uninterested in what I am writing, simply 'bo chap'. I always wonder, isn't she curious at all? What if I am writing about her? She must be curious right? After all what sparked her IT illiterate husband to start blogging?

Apparently not. I have asked her to read my posts several times, but she will always laugh it off, insisting she will not read. This in turn usually spark my urge to get her to read my blog. Its really funny, I think this is one of the many ways we communicate with each other. She knows I will keep concocting ways to get her to read my blog, and when she insist not to read with her smiley face, I always feel like I actually "tekan" myself by doing the same thing over n over again knowing the outcome.

She just walk passed behind me as I type.

"I thought you said you got nothing to write", she goes.

I took 5 mins after keying the above line to pester her to read this post.


This will go on forever... I am itching all over now..

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Before I knew it I was hooked

"The following takes place between 7am and 8am"

By the time it goes : "The following takes place between 6am and 7am", which is day 2, Jack Bauer would have already save the world under 24 hours yet again. Inevitably.

Its the same regime, expected outcome where the good prevails and the villians eliminated. The golden globe award winning TV series "24" stars Kiefer Sutherland, in reel life a CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) agent dedicating his whole life for his country. Its not hard to imagine how successful the show is. Sutherland, who grabbed the emmy awards for his role in "24" signed a 3 year US$40million contract for his role as Jack Bauer again.

Just six months ago, when "24" season one landed on the sofa in my room (compliments of my younger brother who got everyone in the office discussing "24" during every god damn lunch), I left it sitting there for another 2 months.

Last night, I finished Season five.

For someone who does not worship TV and who would rather past his time hitting golf balls at the range, "24" has definitely twisted some of my leisure habits, drastically. I am now victimised. Great god of media have me hooked on high budget TV serials such as "Prison Break" and "24".

It is not surprising for me to get hook on serial dvds. But 4 years ago, something astonishing happened.

My good old dad is an extreme workaholic. He wakes up at 6.30am every morning, works 7 days a week, comes home late from work, and when the Asian Financial Crisis hits, he works 10 tens harder to fight back his construction empire. He went to China, set up his new plant, worked his ass out, and took his poor old lad (Myself) along to carry out his sadistic mission of torturing oneself at work.

One fine day, he cut short his work hours and dissappear from his office before lunch. I later learned that he has dedicated the rest of his days watching TV serials while his son is working his ass out in the sick China factory in Qing Pu, a southern back dated town away from Shanghai towards Suzhou. And it went on for a couple of weeks.

Of course this was for a very short period of time, before long he felt an itch in his backside and he's off to Totureville again. This is my good old man, whom I respect as father, a true businessman and a not to mention a devoted sadist at work.

Such is the lure of good TV serials. Don't get me wrong, I am not all ready to jump into the bandwagon of screaming housewives and aunties oogling at Korean men starring in Korean soap operas. But TV shows with budget matching that of Hollywood's movies does turn me on, very.

"24" season 6 have already premiered in the US. And the counter terrorist bug has already hit me. It will not be too long before my brother hand me the first 4 episodes.

"Hands UP! CTU!! Put your hands over your head and slowly lower you weapon..." I can now hear it in my head already....

Friday, January 12, 2007

Work must stop on Weekends.

This is my 6th post in 2 weeks.

I suddenly feel like a no-life shit. Darn. I am.

Its Friday eve. I should be out drowning glasses of vodka down my throat. Instead here I am, back in my office straight after a meeting in town, writing a blog post. For someone who never quite believed in blogging until10 days ago, this is quite an accomplishment.

I actually described it as an accomplishment. Imagine that.

By typing this sentence, one and a half hour have already passed. I was interupted to attend some office matters. Looking back at what I have written above, I still cannot face the fact that I should be getting a life!

Work is a big deterrence, especially when your work is running your own business. It has its down side but it has its rewards. Words cannot express my excitement when we learned that we have secured a big government job. Suddenly, all the sleepless nights and stressful presentations does not matter already. But letting it get into your leisure life is a big problem.

May and I celebrated our 3rd anniversay over a dinner with wines and cakes spread over the table. That was 2 days ago at PS Cafe. The moment we hit home I started hitting my laptop keys. I dont have to spell out what happens next.

This weekend, we'll get some rest. Go for the movies and perhaps some karaoke.

I know, I should start tonight. TGIF. I already have plans actually. I am taking my MUM out for dinner. How exciting is that. But hey, someone's gotta be a good son once in a while right.

Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


I like to run. As in "jogging".

Problem is, I have developed a knee condition 4 years ago (which I left it untaken care of). Recently, it has gotten so bad that I decided to seek treatment. The doctor diagnosed it with some weird term which I didn't bother to remember. (why do all doctors like to display their bombastic medical knowledge by throwing uncatchy terms at patients anyway?) All I know is that pain in my right knee stings like hell. For all I care, its call "Knee pain". Heck.

Alright, the doc did explained my knee pain is due to the wearing off of the "cutileage". I don't even think I spelled "cutileage" correctly... (See my point?) Anyway, the "cutileage" is the gel that holds the joints together. Whatever. Its Knee Pain for god's sake.


I was given 5 bottles of "Glucosamin" (See my point again?), 10 sessions of Physio Therapy, and a hefty medical bill.

True enough, after happily burning more than enough dollar notes, I feel much better already. So I picked up my Addidas running shoe, dust off the dirt and off I went to the running track at Woodlands Stadium. That was last Thursday.
I did the same today with a colleague and a good friend of mine. I can't tell you how "Shiok" I am. I have put off running for more than half a year due to my knee pain, and it feels extremely, extremely good to be running 19, 20 laps around the stadium again.

To most, it is nothing to be rejoiced about. After all, a lot of people would be rather sleeping than panting at the tracks. But to me it is a big deal. I started running almost daily when I was 23. It does me good, helps me release stress and keep myself fit. Initially I started running to lose weight, before I knew it I was already in love with the sport. To have the simple sport taking away from me would be disastrous!

I can only hoped my knee would not give way too soon. The pain has returned substantially after only 2 bloody sessions, urging me to return to my doctor for more of his boring medical lessons. Damn.

I should be firing paragraphs of text for my proposal due this Thursday instead of writing this post. But excitement overwhelmed me. I decided I could take half hour off to write about my run today. And I am glad that I did just that.

To those of you who do not believe in the benefits of running. I suggest you try it out, it is a very simple sport and only require a good pair of running shoe. And it is cheap.

So don't wait! Be a health Freak! Go run for your life, before your life run away!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Dinner with Lawyer & His Girlfriend

My impression of lawyers in the past were:

1) They are despicable people (Except for our Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, the man I respected deeply. The man whose memoirs inspired me over and over again)

2) Some of them behave like crooks (Yes, except MM Lee)

That was before I met my patent lawyer, Gregory. When I met him more than 2 years ago, I was not prepared to be talking to a very nice guy. More than 2 years have passed, he is still the nicest lawyer I have met.

It was a fantastic dinner. They were nice sociable people. Faye and Gregory can talk about almost everything. We were at this very nice restaurant at Six Avenue that serves fantastic Brazilian food. My wife, May did the reservation triggered by the recommendation from my brother. Indeed, it was a great place. It was either the co. or the food. I figured it was both. We talked about how Ubud in Bali feels like jungle training in Brunei back in my NS days. How May & I enjoyed the little trip despite the frogs and lizards in our hotel room in Bali. We talked about Gregory and Faye, how Gregory's demand letters were drafted to help Faye fend off weirdos in her field of work. We talked plenty. Even though Faye was clearly down with a bad sore throat, she remained chatty, exluding her pleasant personality.

May & I sincerly wishes Gregory and Faye the best of happiness in their life. Tomorrow is Faye's Birthday, we'll like to wish her "Happy Birthday!" and that she recover speedily from her flu.

Saturday, January 6, 2007


I am not an intellect. Nor do I excel in sports. I am what you will call a very average guy.

An average guy should be holding an average job with an average pay. I am not.

I am holding an extraordinary job with a fucking miserable pay. You see, I am what the bitchy media and government people call me, an "Entrepreneur". I hate that word. Usually when you are slapped with that word, you belong to the below categories:

A) You are poor
B) You are a poor start up
C) You are a poor start up that can be bullied so that your business will fail like all other start ups do

Well, I have heard sneers and jeers when I tell people what I do. I say FUCK YOU all. Well, at least I am a survivor, I dont need a fucking boss to give me a fucking pay, I am able to pay myself a salary. I dont wait in my sick office cubicle for pay day to come every god damn fuckin' month. This, I can be proud of, at least I am not a corporate dog who needs to wash my bosses's puny balls and lick them like Haagen Daaz even though they taste like shit.

You see, I have run a computer gaming keyboard business for more than 2 years. We are the only Singaporean company doing this. Recently, I also started my own design studio because of my true burning passion in design. Now, I say true burning passion and I mean it. I mean every fucking word. I was trained in design locally and thereafter in an University in Sydney. I worked hard as a multimedia design in the following years.

With 2 businesses to manage, I hardly can find breathing space. You do everyfuckshit by yourself. Sales, admin, accts, projects, cleaning the toilet, security, you name it. Its a stressful life. It affects my personal life and I dont spend time with my family at all. Every god damn time I am thinking of work, every god damn bloody time I am thinking to myself, "no matter how tough it is you bite the bullet and get through every day."

I had a roll with my wife lately. The work is affecting us. She helps in the business. It is tough for her. However, it is my good fortune to have a kind and understanding wife, and I appreciate her more than ever every day. I realised I have let her down in many ways and promised to spend more time with her.

So, this is my current lifestyle. A far cry from my well paid previous jobs, stressless and carefree younger days working out at the gym and boozing now and then. I am sure there are many people similar in my shoes. There is nothing to complain about. At least for me, because my wife May, is the most supporting person and friend in my life that I have ever come across.

I will keep on going and going, no matter how tough it may be.

And I will keep on fucking and despising those to have anything against what I am doing. Corporate dogs, you know who you are.

And I am a "Businessman". Not a stupid entrepreneur, you dickheads. People like us do real business. Forget about sexy terms like "technopreneur" or whatever. We deserve some respect, not to be exploited for your stupid columns and stories.

Lastly, to those believe in what you do and have succeeded, you have my upmost respect.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

What is it with Korean Serials


Eight bloody hundred & eighty eight dollars. This is how much it cost to catch "Rain" on his concert. The best seats cost this much, and the second tier seats pricing is not too far away.

For those of you who are not aware, Rain is a very very very popular Korean actor/ singer. Never has a concert in Singapore history cost this much. Needless to say, the seats were all grabbed up.

I am not surprised at all if teenage girls are all screaming over hunks like Rain. But my 60 year old mum? Guess what. I am burning a korean music cd for her as I am writing this post. She has reminded me twice to do it for her.

I have my fair share of Korea Culture too. On most night these days, my wife plays her Korean vcds in our room.

Well, so much for my "24" season five.


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I have nothing particular to write really

I hate IT. Information technology. But in today's wired world we cannot go on with our lives without learning about IT. I have not read a blog until today. I think it is a complete waste of time. I dont even know what does a blog mean.

You see, I am technophobia. In my opinion, I dont think there is anything wrong. But to many people I sound like some Kampong guy who has never taken an escalator in his miserable life. The fact that I am still using my Nokia phone of 3 years old does not help either.

I hear this all the time.

"You should trade in your Nokia. Still got value leh. At least worth $150 man."

"Well, ya.. but its still good and it has a camera resolution of 1 mega pixel.."

"Ya, but Sony and Ericcson just came out with a camera phone that captures 20 mega pixel resolution, with 3G functions that will send you to space and back to Sembawang Ave 3 in an hour, and you still got time to "ta bao" Nasi Lemak on the way back."

"Ya, can I slap your mouth hard becos I think it looks too big. I assure you it is the best trade-in of your life time because it will save you the heavy expenses of comestic surgery."

Don't get me wrong. I am not against folks carrying the lastest gadgets designed by NASA. Just do not assume all folks have to be the same, and forcing them to upgrade whatever damn gadget we have. It is depressing to hear your peers pushing you to get hold of the lastest IPOD in town. Is there no other thing we can do except talk about tech and gear wherever we go? I dont know about you, but it bores me.

Come on, my mobile phone is only 3 years old, and it is in a fantastic condition. Why replace it endlessly without substantial reason.

I think it has become a desease. Such obsession is widely seen in recent times. Embracing technology is essential, and in many cases it is the key to survival in today's working environment. Which is why I am writing my first blog. Which is why I am willing to learn and keep up with these IT stuff to stay connected.

But don't bore me to get hold of the lastest handphone in the market, and discuss about gadgets all day long. Lets all have a beer and rock n roll in the coming New Year.