Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Boring Post about Slacking And a Wife Who Finally Reads

I thought I must write something. Even though nothing extraordinary happened lately and I frankly have got nothing interesting to write about.

But my wife finally read my blog!! After all the pestering and teasing, she finally gave in even posted a comment! So I decided to write something. Maybe I can post a topic on my wife reading my blog?! Sure sounds exciting right? But there's really nothing much to write except the expected remarks she made this evening at Cedele Cafe Wheelock Place:

"Now that you have read my blog, dont you find it interesting? Don't you feel like you want to go back and find out about my new blog posts?" I said. beaming with enthusiasm.

She goes, "What??! I already give you face by reading your blog liao. I don't even read story books. You think I really am your Fans ar? Now move your butt and bring me some bread from the bread corner."

A few days ago she said my blogs are not bad, that it is quite expressive, that it is quite interesting, that it...

Nevermind :(

So I decided to write something else.

Last week there was hardly time to breathe due to the unsurprisingly huge work load. Then the week started off with a bumpy ride with Monday working till 2am for Tuesday morning's meeting, which followed by another meeting in town that leaves us little time for lunch. Then we decided to SLACK.

Husband and wife, together in the same companies, running 2 businesses decided that it is more promising to hold grande size hot mochas in our hands at Wisma Atrium's Starbuck's cafe then sipping "Milo Dinosaur" at Woodlands Industrial Estate Canteen.

So it was set.

We shopped. We spent. We ate. We drank. We laughed ourselves silly. We really slacked.

We embark on our slacking expedition starting at 2pm in the afternoon. Starbucks was our 1st stop. One cafe latte, one ice cafe mocha, a piece of the chocolate eclair and a chocolaty Danish to set the mood. The more I sipped my grande mocha, the more I was convinced slacking was the best decision we made for the day.

And there was more. We bought aplenty. Retail theraphy at its best. Little crowd, many shops. The fact that people are slogging at work while we are slacking during office hours is really quite a turn on.

Dinner was settled at Billy Bombers Cathay Building at Handy Road. Ribs & Buffalo Wings, Root beer & Soda.

It was a great Tuesday. It was spontaneous, it was simple, just roaming around without aim, but it was great.

And the price I paid for slacking? Having to work on my notebook while I was getting my hair colored in the hair salon this evening. There is still a timeline to meet nevertheless. But I say it was worth it. It was all worth it.

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