Friday, January 19, 2007

A Blog Post Dedicated to a Dog

Many meetings were held, many decisions made, many designs created, many proposals typed, one friend left for China yesterday.

Ah Tan was a 15 year old nerd head when I met him some 17 years ago. While he did not exactly score well with the 'Hip' department back then, he look different now. Slightly better lah.

At 32, he claims he is still a virgin. I should add that he made several claims, none would have pass through the lie detector successfully. He may be a liar, he may be 'Beng', he may be crude, he may even be a dog mother low life scumbag, but he is the best dog mother friend I have known.

True, his unique charm may attract 'Ah lians' like bees to honey, or rather.. flies to (i better not go too far, after all he is the only true supporter of this blog), but he does have a sense of HIS OWN humour. He is also a great inventor and a linguist. To quote examples, some of his inventions go as far as "toisert","forg", "guud di", and "sqeed", with the latter being the human male & female's private functioning mechanism - Clue, lower portion & upper region respectively.

They asked him to go China shoot some films for nine months, but he is allow to come back for the Chinese New Year Break in one month's time. Singapore will once again be deprive of another great man, for one month at least. But the streets will once again be safer, the air clearer, and the lians lonelier.

But hey, don't we welcome some nonsense now and then. His nonsense will be missed, he will be missed, by his friends, family and lians. I say we welcome him soon for the CNY.

Few things to add before I end this post.

1) A lot of us had a sumptous meal yesterday. (And a little bit of champagne)
2) "toisert" is Ah Tan's version of washroom.
3) "forg" is interpretated as smoking.
4) The rest of Ah Tan's inventions are deemed to be inappropriate for publication and may invite lawsuits if ever disclosed to public.
5) Steve is Ah Tan's real name.

Take care my bro.

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