Tuesday, January 9, 2007


I like to run. As in "jogging".

Problem is, I have developed a knee condition 4 years ago (which I left it untaken care of). Recently, it has gotten so bad that I decided to seek treatment. The doctor diagnosed it with some weird term which I didn't bother to remember. (why do all doctors like to display their bombastic medical knowledge by throwing uncatchy terms at patients anyway?) All I know is that pain in my right knee stings like hell. For all I care, its call "Knee pain". Heck.

Alright, the doc did explained my knee pain is due to the wearing off of the "cutileage". I don't even think I spelled "cutileage" correctly... (See my point?) Anyway, the "cutileage" is the gel that holds the joints together. Whatever. Its Knee Pain for god's sake.


I was given 5 bottles of "Glucosamin" (See my point again?), 10 sessions of Physio Therapy, and a hefty medical bill.

True enough, after happily burning more than enough dollar notes, I feel much better already. So I picked up my Addidas running shoe, dust off the dirt and off I went to the running track at Woodlands Stadium. That was last Thursday.
I did the same today with a colleague and a good friend of mine. I can't tell you how "Shiok" I am. I have put off running for more than half a year due to my knee pain, and it feels extremely, extremely good to be running 19, 20 laps around the stadium again.

To most, it is nothing to be rejoiced about. After all, a lot of people would be rather sleeping than panting at the tracks. But to me it is a big deal. I started running almost daily when I was 23. It does me good, helps me release stress and keep myself fit. Initially I started running to lose weight, before I knew it I was already in love with the sport. To have the simple sport taking away from me would be disastrous!

I can only hoped my knee would not give way too soon. The pain has returned substantially after only 2 bloody sessions, urging me to return to my doctor for more of his boring medical lessons. Damn.

I should be firing paragraphs of text for my proposal due this Thursday instead of writing this post. But excitement overwhelmed me. I decided I could take half hour off to write about my run today. And I am glad that I did just that.

To those of you who do not believe in the benefits of running. I suggest you try it out, it is a very simple sport and only require a good pair of running shoe. And it is cheap.

So don't wait! Be a health Freak! Go run for your life, before your life run away!

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