Saturday, January 6, 2007


I am not an intellect. Nor do I excel in sports. I am what you will call a very average guy.

An average guy should be holding an average job with an average pay. I am not.

I am holding an extraordinary job with a fucking miserable pay. You see, I am what the bitchy media and government people call me, an "Entrepreneur". I hate that word. Usually when you are slapped with that word, you belong to the below categories:

A) You are poor
B) You are a poor start up
C) You are a poor start up that can be bullied so that your business will fail like all other start ups do

Well, I have heard sneers and jeers when I tell people what I do. I say FUCK YOU all. Well, at least I am a survivor, I dont need a fucking boss to give me a fucking pay, I am able to pay myself a salary. I dont wait in my sick office cubicle for pay day to come every god damn fuckin' month. This, I can be proud of, at least I am not a corporate dog who needs to wash my bosses's puny balls and lick them like Haagen Daaz even though they taste like shit.

You see, I have run a computer gaming keyboard business for more than 2 years. We are the only Singaporean company doing this. Recently, I also started my own design studio because of my true burning passion in design. Now, I say true burning passion and I mean it. I mean every fucking word. I was trained in design locally and thereafter in an University in Sydney. I worked hard as a multimedia design in the following years.

With 2 businesses to manage, I hardly can find breathing space. You do everyfuckshit by yourself. Sales, admin, accts, projects, cleaning the toilet, security, you name it. Its a stressful life. It affects my personal life and I dont spend time with my family at all. Every god damn time I am thinking of work, every god damn bloody time I am thinking to myself, "no matter how tough it is you bite the bullet and get through every day."

I had a roll with my wife lately. The work is affecting us. She helps in the business. It is tough for her. However, it is my good fortune to have a kind and understanding wife, and I appreciate her more than ever every day. I realised I have let her down in many ways and promised to spend more time with her.

So, this is my current lifestyle. A far cry from my well paid previous jobs, stressless and carefree younger days working out at the gym and boozing now and then. I am sure there are many people similar in my shoes. There is nothing to complain about. At least for me, because my wife May, is the most supporting person and friend in my life that I have ever come across.

I will keep on going and going, no matter how tough it may be.

And I will keep on fucking and despising those to have anything against what I am doing. Corporate dogs, you know who you are.

And I am a "Businessman". Not a stupid entrepreneur, you dickheads. People like us do real business. Forget about sexy terms like "technopreneur" or whatever. We deserve some respect, not to be exploited for your stupid columns and stories.

Lastly, to those believe in what you do and have succeeded, you have my upmost respect.

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