Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Merry Christmas

A lot have happened since my last post.

On work, business is surviving. On health, its hardly improving. On family, its a matter of maintaining. On friendship, nothing has been changing. In general, life is always amusing.

On the bright side, Christmas is coming!!

Its the time of the year, gift exchanges of photo frames under $10 , NTUC's overcooked stuffed turkeys, lights in Orchard Road packed with sua ku tourists, and fake santas running around in oversized coats. Well, what more can you ask for? Its gonna be a fantastic Christmas yet again this year.

But Christmas is not all Merry for everyone. Its only for loaded folks with bloated bank accounts from at least 20 banks.

Every Christmas I am never any richer from the past years even though I had long made a pact with old Santa that I will be good and obedient. Just make me a little richer, I promise to be kind to the human race by being less racist and swear to go "green" in a desperate bid to save our little planet. I will drop in a 10 cent coin on every flag day and pay a dollar for every packet of tissue paper bought from hawker centre aunties. Hows that Santa?

Not good enough apparently. I still sulked during Christmas every year whenever I see insensitive chaps abusing their credit cards in designer boutiques and restaurants while I lament my long overdue card bills.

This year, I am still a pauper, money wise nothin's changed.

But life has been more fullfilling for the past year. My proudest achievement will have to be our little design studio started in September 06. We have beaten all odds to survive til date, and proven those around us who think otherwise. Sure, the road is still long, but our hearts will go on.

Not to mention the experiences learned and treasured. Not just work related, but the other important aspects of life. Looking back at the year, I am glad I am a year wiser, and a tad stronger.

Would have been perfect if my wallet could be fatter, but for now, I am contented just to look forward to a short little break this Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone.