Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Am Trying to Get My Wife To Read My Blog

"You call your blog 'Design Guy' ah? Nobody will read your blog."

"Huh.. why?"

"All design people xiao xiao wan, nobody will read yr blog."

" :( "

Those were the passing remarks she made just 60 seconds earlier.

She is just right behind me as I am typing this post, engrossing in her Taiwanese 'Ou Xiang Ju' vcd, her eyes stuck to the 28inch TV screen. She is totally uninterested in what I am writing, simply 'bo chap'. I always wonder, isn't she curious at all? What if I am writing about her? She must be curious right? After all what sparked her IT illiterate husband to start blogging?

Apparently not. I have asked her to read my posts several times, but she will always laugh it off, insisting she will not read. This in turn usually spark my urge to get her to read my blog. Its really funny, I think this is one of the many ways we communicate with each other. She knows I will keep concocting ways to get her to read my blog, and when she insist not to read with her smiley face, I always feel like I actually "tekan" myself by doing the same thing over n over again knowing the outcome.

She just walk passed behind me as I type.

"I thought you said you got nothing to write", she goes.

I took 5 mins after keying the above line to pester her to read this post.


This will go on forever... I am itching all over now..


Lo Por said...

I can understand why your wife wants to tekan you like that.. ;)

Most importantly, you enjoy being tekan and the way she communicates with you.

Sahara said...

Interesting to know.