Friday, January 12, 2007

Work must stop on Weekends.

This is my 6th post in 2 weeks.

I suddenly feel like a no-life shit. Darn. I am.

Its Friday eve. I should be out drowning glasses of vodka down my throat. Instead here I am, back in my office straight after a meeting in town, writing a blog post. For someone who never quite believed in blogging until10 days ago, this is quite an accomplishment.

I actually described it as an accomplishment. Imagine that.

By typing this sentence, one and a half hour have already passed. I was interupted to attend some office matters. Looking back at what I have written above, I still cannot face the fact that I should be getting a life!

Work is a big deterrence, especially when your work is running your own business. It has its down side but it has its rewards. Words cannot express my excitement when we learned that we have secured a big government job. Suddenly, all the sleepless nights and stressful presentations does not matter already. But letting it get into your leisure life is a big problem.

May and I celebrated our 3rd anniversay over a dinner with wines and cakes spread over the table. That was 2 days ago at PS Cafe. The moment we hit home I started hitting my laptop keys. I dont have to spell out what happens next.

This weekend, we'll get some rest. Go for the movies and perhaps some karaoke.

I know, I should start tonight. TGIF. I already have plans actually. I am taking my MUM out for dinner. How exciting is that. But hey, someone's gotta be a good son once in a while right.

Happy Weekend.

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