Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Pursuit of HappyNess

What a month. Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Work, Family, all packed in 28 days.

February is ending. Today is my 4th blog post this month. Havent been able to write lately. Its a hectic month. I have had very bad news slammed right at my face this month, there were also some rather good news. Life keeps on moving for me. Its been a tough year in 06. I am embracing yet another year that will be filled with many challenges, test of guts, patience, and determination. People like us are fighters, we are not the societies elite, we owe ourselves a living, sometimes a mere rice bowl. But I am determined to make my life a better one than it already is right now. Its been a good 32 years so far. Every year I looked back after the Chinese New Year, it is always a better year. For I am a year wiser, a year smarter, albeit an inch wider. But thats ok, my jeans were always bought 2 sizes up.

No, thats not really ok. I am suppose to be image concious!

As I munched away my cheezels while enaging this "drag-myself-to-type" blog post, I didnt even feel the slightest guilt in me. I am getting on in age, and I am growing fat, I bet half of me was made up of oil and fab. But its weird, I am getting less bothered year after year. Geez.. what the fuck happened..

Anyway, today isnt about self conciousness. Today is about the closure of the month, a meaningful month, to me, at least. Nothing really changes as I march right into the month of March, but a step closer to all my goals set out in front of me, no less.

But my wife May is not feeling too well lately, and I am to take care of her in the couple of weeks ahead. She is the most important part of my life, and I have realised work should never be in front of your love ones.

The pursue of success is never an ending road, but at least it is clear cut. The pursue of happiness is a winding road, sacrifices has to be made, material needs forgo. It is neverthless something I will choose no matter how.

Til the next post. Take good care of your health all.

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