Saturday, February 10, 2007

One Lawyer, One Property Agent, One Accountant, One Banker, One Designer and His Wife

Dinners are great platforms to get together. You'll never get tired of the varieties of cuisine offered in Singapore. So you'll get multiples of dinner gatherings. Some dinners are enjoyed together with your heart felt friends, some are social dinners. As I sulked my way behind the driving wheel to cuppage plaza for a dinner planned 1 month head, my mind was already planning on "exit strategies". Not the IPOs or equity buy over type of exit strategies mind you, but the "I got to go back to office slog my ass over the night because the bloody miserable 50 cent job we secured requires my 110% attention because those lazy client bastards are the bitchiest and most demanding assholes you will never imagine ever served" kind of exit strategies.

Lame, really.

But nobody really ever cared and it usually worked.

Alright, I admit. I can be anti-social at times. But the unpromising prospect of deploying two construction type cranes to pull up my inverted mouth in order to forge my best smile for more than two hours can be rather devastating.

I usually enjoy a get-together once in a while, but my engine is simply not moving today. What happened? The unsympathetic workload along with many business lunches and hand shakes that was bestowed on me lately all the more call for a need to have a quiet evening. Alas, it was never meant to be.

Sitting at the dining table, there were six of us. Please refer to the Post Title. Remember I am not very motivated today...

The Lawyer is a fine man, he is forever kind, and he is always nice. The property agent is the lawyer's missus and she is bubbly like her hubby. The accountant is lame like his banker madame. Oh, fuck the rhime and poetry thingy already, it is really getting shitty.

I was actually just plain bored and unmotivated. And when you are bored you become mentally drifted. You drool when you try to force open your mouth, and you start to recite every single poetry and ABC you ever learned in from Sesame Street in your mind, just to simply pass the time.

In all fairness, the company was actually a great bunch of people, including the accountant and his banker wife. I was just being bitchy mostly because I couldn't make most sense of their coversation topics. (Plus I really am not in the mood for entertainment today, it really was just me this evening.)

However, professionals seem to have a lingo of their own when they speak. Sometimes I almost felt like an alien. Wrapped in a rugged long sleeve jersey and rugged jeans, I felt almost unattached from their long sleeve shirts and pants. We must have been 20 years old apart. I was just kidding of course. Credit should be given to my wife who buys me facial care to make sure I look 2 years younger from my 60 year old look. In reality, we are only a few years apart.

But my childish-like nature as a designer does have some contrasting differences from my lawyer and accountant friends. This will always stay true, in the wide spectrum of topics we talked about, I can't help but feel slightly deviated and at times, left out. The case would never have happened with my closer friends or my other designer friends. I may be wrong, it might even be my anti-social personality, but this feeling have strucked me more than once. I was immediately more at ease when striking a chord with my near counterparts.

And as I munched away my yakitori , it is left to my wife to save the day. She is a very natural communicator and have always managed to break the ices. I can't help but admired my wife. She is as versatile as a play doh and most amazingly she is able to bear my stupid nonsense all these years.

Lastly, I want to say that I was just downright tired and moody today. I had a great meal, in the company of some very nice people. I just hope I will have enough rest over the weekend and turn out a chirpier man to start the Chinese New Year.

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