Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Post Hidden Agenda - I met a Corporate dick this week (Part One)

Both my wife and me are not in the pink of health lately. And things are generally not going well. But having the support from each other will tide us through, after all we have braved many, many, many storms in the past, I am sure nothing will ever deter us.

I am not a very mushy person and I don't have a fetish for Korean dramas or Bak Young Jun, but whatever I have written above is a reflection of my true feelings right now, no less. In times like these, I don't have to spell out anymore how much I appreciate my wife. Like I said, I am sure things will end up well for us.

I just want to write something happy today, but I feel compelled to let my feelings out at least in written form right now before I go on. And writing blog posts have given me freedom and a space to put my thoughts, at the same time settle some of my emotional struggles.

The week started with Steve coming back from China, a few meetings, and inclusion of a Valentine's day, plus closure of the week being our to be had company outing tomorrow.

Lets start with Steve coming back. Unfortunately I wasnt able to meet up with this dog friend of mine earlier, again due to work committments. This is bloody so fuckin' unfair. For the sake of making sure the projects are on schedule, leisure time is always secondary. However we still managed to meet twice this week with May in the picture. I am not a refine man, nor am I a diplomatic hypocrite "Mr Goody Suck Your Boss Dick" type fucked up asshole that I have brushed shouders with. I can frankly say I am as crude as freshly dug up crude oil from Kuwait. So when we exchange "Chee Byes", and "Nah Behs" over the phone before meeting up, my day was already brightened up. Yup, no hyprocracy, we swear like there may be no tomorrow, and we are racist pigs. But today's topic isnt about racism or an online "swearing" tutorial. (Though I did ever seriously consider the potential of the 'tutorial project'.)

Today is about writing something happy, which leads to writing about Valentine's day. Which I will write about tomorrow. Bloody stupid right? A happy blog post to be written today will be written tomorrow. But fucking hell, its 2.27am in the morning right now and I seriously need a fucking sleep. So fucking Turban scumbags and bastards, lets look forward to tomorrow. Oh, pardon my coarseness in my language, at least I am not a hypocrite prick.

Have a good night.

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