Friday, September 14, 2007

Jack Pot

Things are looking up finally.

"You got the job." coming from the client at the other end of the telephone line.

"You got the grant." coming from the gahmen at the other end of the telephone line.

Even though its just a single liner, it sounded way better than Jay Chou hitting notes on his piano while he croons over his latest hit.

No, I am not mocking Chou. Don't get the wrong idea. I even supported his latest movie hit "Secret", and bought all originals of his music. I think he has got some real talents. But nothing beats reaping the rewards after all the sweat and blood you put in.

I repeat : SWEAT & BLOOD.

You spent weeks fine tuning versions of a pitching proposal request upon request by the client. You then lose your sleep over multiple versions of the colored storyboards. You get mocked by your lack of portfolio. You do your presentations like a salesman prick betraying his soul. You try to forge your best smile looking like a twat in front of the client when you have only like 0.0005 minutes of sleep in the last 48 hours. And you think your neighbour's chihuahua has got a more superior life than you. And I am not talking about one proposal, but many.

I am glad the outcome has been more than satisfying.

But the road further looks like one with more hurdles. The real challenge starts here I guess. With games and videos to work on against a timeline faster than China's speed growing economy, I think it will be yet a few more months of hard slog.

Aplenty has happened since my last blog entry. That was like, half a year ago. Steve took on a plaintiff role in the Odex string of lawsuits which ended all pleasant with the prosecutor dropping the case. My colleague and business partner Raymond re-grew his "beard" which more then bore a resemblance of an over-used kiwi brush. The lizard in my room has grown to a considerable size despite our devised plan to capture it, shouldnt have trusted products they advertise on TV. I got my fair share of mishaps which I shan't elaborate further. But I am positive of the months ahead. I believe the clouds should go away soon. I think hardworking and non-deterent souls will soon get our rewards.

Otherwise this world will be so fucking unfair, aint it.

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