Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Chinese New Year Post

I am not going to whine about the suckiness of parenthood in this post.

I love being a father, love hearing my daughter call me ‘PAPA’, I love to show off my children wherever I go, dress them in the prettiest and hippest clothes, I love people to watch us a happy family of four, I love how my son’s fatty cheeks bounce like water balloons whenever I shake him, I love my life as a parent.

Sure, partying and late night movie days are now something only attainable from some galaxy far, far away, but life is better with company, with family.

Chinese New Year is round the corner, this call for a time of family bonding. Not just my wife, Angel(daughter), Kenzo(my son) and me, but the greater family as a whole, my dad, mum, brother and sister with their kids.

But with every year passing, it gets less lively, with less people coming over to our house for visits, and for me, obviously less gathering with friends. I used to have a tradition of heavy drunkard drinking at a certain bar with my friends on Chinese New Year eves. Now those days are but a fairy tale tucked in some book from the National Library. Heck, the bar I mentioned is now even closed down. But that is fine, my friends have all grown up, most with their kids tearing their hairs. Whoever still has the energy to ‘TA’ mugs of Bourbon and pints of Beer anymore?

But the family members, relatives distant and close, their visits have become somewhat shorter, with less members of their family turning up for the traditional ‘Pai Nian’. Well, the old ones they made sure that pop over year after year, my aunties and uncles, but their children whom a decade ago were still sucking lollipops and candies have all grown up to be rebellious teenagers, and I supposed, do not quite feel obligated to do the CNY visits anymore. Instead, I would guess they pretty much want to hang out with their friends making themselves general public nuisance.

Who is to blame them? I had gone down that road before, I had been a teenager too. I have taken up smoking in the past, had my share of public mischief, prowled the billiard rooms like some wannabe 'Ah Beng', kick asses in Arcade Centres playing Street Fighter, I understand all teenagers are assholes.

But come this Chinese New Year, let us all behave a little more sensible, and show some filial piety to our parents, who have sacrificed their entire life for us, who had tolerated our nonsense all our entire lives, let us have some quality time with our family together, and may the teenagers of the world be nice and polite and respectful to the elders for at least once this time of the year.

Or Uncle Ken will poke your ass deep deep with a 3 metre long billiard cue, yeah, all you suckers, I am now an elder too.. Don’t play play.


Twilight said...

LMAO!! You are sure funny scribbling such CNY stories. What you mentioned are so true about visits and gatherings changing facades now. It has happened to my side long ago. Now my parents who were prominent figures in Penang have chosen to retire in KL. Tomorrow I will be in Penang to help them shift their little things onto the lorry for KL. They are in their 80s with failing health and poor memory. Almost all their friends have gone to heavens and today, they mix with couples, all younger than ME!!!

Ken said...

Twilight - I am beginning to feel like a big ranter!! What's wrong with me huh? kekeke... Feeling old lah...

Your parents are young at heart!!

Gratitude said...

Blessed New Year! May all endeavours be successful this year ahead. ^_^


ish~ whose ass u wanna poke? :P any angpow for me? hehe

happy chinese new year

A Common Singaporean said...

Gratitude - Happy CNY!! Let this year be better than previous years.

L2 - Happy New Year! Sorry no Ang Pow, uncle ken very poor man now. How about you give ang pow to my 2 children?

Medie007 said...

wah! poke in the ass with the billiard stick...is tat a fetish? hahahah

happy cny!

A Common Singaporean said...

Medie - I hope this poking thing will not become a new fad or something after I started it!

Nah, I am not actually going to do it lah!

Shionge said...

Hiya Ken, it has been a while since I last visited and anyway I was on a short hiatus and hope that you are having a great time enjoying fatherhood. :D

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