Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Have Nothing to Write About, Again.

When I started blogging one year ago, I titled my virgin post "I have nothing particular to write really".

Fast forward 2009, I still have nothing particular to write about.

I contemplated writing about my shopping trip to Vivocity, or my shopping trip to Isetan Orchard Rd, or my shopping trip to Takashimaya Orchard Rd, or my shopping trip to CK Tangs Orchard Rd, or my shopping trip to Paragon at bloody Orchard Road.

Screw it.

You can't go anyway, do anything, or eat anything with a 2 month old baby on a pram.

Planning a dinner with my wife, I suggested a wonderful evening escapade at Rochester Park, with images of serenity and fresh air alfresco dining in my head.

"Smoke. Got people smoke there. Its open air. Got smoking area there", my wife reminded me.

"Oh right..", I put a big cross for Rochester Park in my head. After all, what if the little one pooped, where are we going to change her diaper? On the bloody bar table? In fact I put many crosses everywhere. The places are either too crammed, too noisy, too smoky, too far, too unfriendly, too expensive ( I added this one in for myself, my daughter has got nothing to do with this).

And if we seek some entertainment on a weekend, skip that cinema, forget about karaoke, and ditch that idea of swooning in a bar for a lychee martini. Instead, pop over to a shopping mall in Orchard Road or a shopping mall in Orchard Road.

Now, before you slap me silly for making you guys go round and round in fucking riddles, please hear me out.

Its all true, its proven, there is no social life after kids. I have succumbed to my evil friend I mentioned on my earlier post who insisted life after kids is as good as walking to a nearby police station and stealing a policeman's gun in a dramatic effort to pull the trigger into the head.

Last Christmas, I turned down a party organized by a committee of the university i attended (well, I didn't feel like going anyway). I turned down another from a friend organizing a party for parents with kids (Its call a Play Group. I am not yet ready to join the hordes of uncles and aunties chasing after their screaming children).

As a matter of fact, I can't go anywhere, more so with a one month old baby back then. Except visiting a shopping mall in Orchard Rd. Alright, pull that trigger, I know you guys are dying to stop my whining.

So when fellow bloggers and friends on facebook are blasting posts on this outing and that party that they have attended, I can only post pictures of my lovable daughter sleeping in her pram probably in an air conditioned mall. However, that serene moment alone is already worth more than any alfresco dining under the moon.

Yes, even with a ice cold martini in hand.

Sorry guys.

This post is yet another one about my little angel, daddy's little girl.


Ekkonen said...

omg, what a beautiful baby girl!!!

Twilight Zone said...

Your baby has grown so fast! I wished I had a son to court her next time so we can be in-laws. That will be fun to talk about kooi & kooi stories over coffee! LOL
Stop complaining boy, life is beautiful & meaningful with a family. Sometimes babies bring wealth to the family too! You don't look like a father coz you look so young like a neighbour trying to babysit. Just kidding daddy!

A Common Singaporean said...

Hi Ekkonen - THANK YOU! Shes the jewel of the family now. I can't imagine her as a rebellious teenager in 15 years time.

YO Twilight! - I haven't met my daughter's future boyfriend yet but I felt like punching him already. But if you have a son, let me know, theres room for discussion haha.

She's already brought some wealth to me. I bought 4D with her numbers and won a small prize. Good start?

Daniel Ng said...

Bro. don't complaintlah..I got three kids and i can tell you i have no life...sniff!

no lah, just kidding, you will find some other fun & joy with kids, we have to grown up right, this's life!

Maybe you can blog about parenthood tips??? LOL!

You take care, bro.

A Common Singaporean said...

Ha ha Daniel,

When are you going to have your 4th?

If you are from Singapore, the govt gives cash bonuses for every kid born. Our country is in a desperate need to replenish the old whining generation like myself in 30 yrs time.

*Anton* said...

Hi, my 1st visit to your site, introed courtesy of Twilight :)

Proud Dad with his lil' angel is a good enuf reason to blog. After all, the blogosphere is all about being a digital-diary-that-is-not -so-secret. Lolz


~LeuMaS~ said...

hi~ 1st time here... wow~ ur baby girl is cute :)
Seems like u r a bit frustrated abt cant go to anywhere bcoz of ur baby :p

A Common Singaporean said...

Hi Anton, thanks for dropping by. Twilight has got such a big aura. I don't blog much :P But I make an effort whenever I can to document some of the things that happened around my life. Looks like my baby Angel will be hogging my blog space for a while! Happy New Year!

Hi Leumas, I can still go places, just not those partying and funky venues anymore. I really miss some ice cold beer on tap in a jazz bar. Its a good thing 7 eleven is nearby my hse, I can still get that beer, albeit in a can. Not bad.

Bengbeng said...

My kid benghui cannot onot? Only 9 yrs older :)

Happy n Prosperous Chinese New Year

A Common Singaporean said...

Hi Beng Beng,

Wah, fierce competition.

I think those interested must submit resume from now onwards.


Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Bengbeng said...

alamak aduh resume?

he does reasonably well in school, plays the piano, wushu, badminton and goes to Sunday school. he went to kindergarten for two years and primary school coming to fourth year.

nice smile, a little bit naughty that can onot? scratch head and wait for reply. so difficult to find a daughter in law nowadays hahahahahahah

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

tikno said...

Gong Xi Fa Chai
Xin Nin Kuai Le

Wishes this year brings happiness to your family.

A Common Singaporean said...

Yo Beng Beng - Hmmm Strong resume I must admit. But still must compete with other candidates lah. I must scan through and select the finest lah. Haha. Seriously I can't imagine marrying her off in 20-30 yrs time..

A Common Singaporean said...

Hi Tikno,

Happy New Year to you too!

May you and your family be bestowed with great wealth this year despite whatever ecomomic climate he world is in.

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

lcfu said...

make here your baby diary, she is so cute...