Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am not talking about my daughter's urine.

I am talking about an adjective that is used in a vulgarised manner. If you key in "Pissed" in, it is described as : "Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal", among the many other interpretations.

Or alternatively the web dictionary suggest the noun :Pissed Off.

Honestly, I don't really give a hoot. To me it is best described as "Fuck Off". Well, for added emotional agression, I would rather delved into the international four letter word.

The day started pleasantly on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. I woke up to a hungry wail of my lovely daughter now 3 months and few days old. I fed her, played with her, bathed her, dressed her, acted out a comedic performance in front of her to make her chuckle and giggle at her father who is increasingly mutating into a jelly fish (Yes, I still turned soft when she laughed and smiled at me, every single time).

Barely walkable thereafter, the 3 of us (including the missus of course) commenced our special "pai nian" day trip. A special day marked this year's calendar for the CNY because of our newly arrived daughter. Now, if there is a business proposition most profitable under the current screwed up economic situation, then it must be to bring a baby out for some ang pow collection. The lucky girl had already made a tidy sum in a single day while I lament at my undernourished bank account.

During this time of the year every year, I will make sure I visit my best friends and their family. And in turn they will pop over to my house and we can catch up with one another and reminiscence the good old days of peeing on roof tops and throwing urine bombs to our neighbour's houses. Not exactly a proud and heroic childhood, but least it was fun and we got to save some toilet paper.

This year is eventful because most of us brought our kids along, and also because my father hogged on to my friend's one month old baby boy refusing to give him up to his proud parents.

"Hey look, this is my grandson", my dad who is still carrying the boy in his arm said to my relatives.

Now, jokes are best kept funny when conveyed once or twice. Anything more than that is pushing for a tight slap across the cheek.

"Hey look, this is my grandson", chuckled my old man again to another relative for the 98th time in 3 minutes.

He may be a grandfather, and he most undoubtly brought his son up to be the fine young chap I am today, but he still deserved a tight slap, which I of course didn't paved it on his face. Well, afterall the old man is my father. But if you ask me again, yes, he deserved a tight slap.

I can understand the older generation for the infatuated idea of a grandson instead of a granddaughter, but it has gone so bad that my friend's wife came over and gave a tight slap on my shoulder, "Ken, you better buck up and try harder, your dad keeps holding on to my baby".

"Why, because he is a boy?", I asked.

I can't excactly remember what she said in return, but in an emotional blurt-out I retorted, "That is why my brother always FUCK him. What is wrong with a granddaughter?"

I think my friend's wife mentioned something about the old folk's mentality of wanting for a baby grandson, but I was so blinded by the Piss that was bestowed on me and added again, "Thats why my brother always FUCK him."

Now, I must mentioned that my younger brother who also have an adorable baby daughter of nine months old is a true champion because he really fucked my dad whenever this boy/girl issue arises. I never felt the need to do so until today.

I was pissed off, very, and totally.

A slight embarrasement pursued after my blunder to my friend's wife but it was too late for any action of recovery. I chosed emotion against a logical diplomatic reply. But I was glad I did, because I realized I loved my daughter so much more than I thought.

The night settled with my friends going home and I headed to my wife's relative encavement of a 5 room HDB flat for dinner. And while the relatives were smashing majong tiles and soaking prawns in the steamboat, I held on to my daugther tightly in a separate airconditioned room. She looked at me with beam in her eyes and seemingly knew what I had gone through during the day. With more chuckles and smiles, she mewed and stretched opened her arms, I had mutated into a full-fledged jellyfish again.

Thoughts raced through my head swiftly, the events of the past few days, weeks, and months. And I thought to myself, I am truely blessed god gave me and my wife an angel to behold.

Then I suddenly have an urgent urge to pee. The little started crying, it could be feeding time again, and quickly called for my lovely wife.


Bengbeng said...

it is ok...we have all been through moments like this. I l always seethe inside, but outwardly grin and bear it and wait for the moment to pass.

Happy CNY

A Common Singaporean said...

Hi Beng Beng, thanks for the encouragement. Just putting my truth most thoughts on a blog entry. I am sure the old man still dotes on my little girl, although I still prefer putting a tight slap to wake him up.

Bengbeng said...

abt the tall boy he is 16 yrs old. benghui's cousin :)

Perky said...

Peeing on rooftops?? You guys sure have a different kind of childhood! Lol! ;)

Anyways, the mentality of the old is hard to change. So do try to not take it to heart. The good thing is you are more than happy to have a daughter. There are some parents out there who have given away their daughters.

A Common Singaporean said...

Yo Beng Beng - So I see!! I kept wondering what kind of milk powder you fed him when he was young that made him ballooned into a such a tall and lanky lad!

Hello Perky - We sure did. There was a window that we could climbed onto the rooftop of our house. The feeling peeing atop.. airy and sensational. *shudder* LOL

And thanks for the words of comfort.

*Anton* said...

Fully understand the emotional distress that you went thru'. It is indeed hard to understand some of our parents' actions. I used to remember 10 years ago when my Mom told me not to hesitate to tell her off if she ever behaved in a senile way, and it has started and continues to happen on a daily basis now. We just have to accept it; to be patient and chide in the softest kindest tone.

Hang in there, my friend! ^_^

aaronng88 said...

oh wow.. ur baby is beautiful.. =) haha just passing by, Gong xi fa cai!

Jenabi~ said...

it's pretty common for this thing to happen mate ... older generation's perception ... Hang in there, shud be really proud ! U got a really beautiful daughter ^^

And btw thanks for the compliments on the photos
i an architect to be though heheeh

Have a nice day !! and GONG hi FATT Choi!!!

Bengbeng said...

the little boy is 7 yrs old and the little girl is 5months old. they r both Benghui's cousins :)

Benghui is the boy at the back here.

A Common Singaporean said...

Hi Aaron, thanks for dropping by. She is the joy of my life. Happy New Year to you too.

Hi Jenabi, thanks for the kind words. I see you are an architect in the making. That explains your interest in photography and your flair in aesthetics and composition. Happy Snapping!

Hi Beng Beng, saw your clip. Very cute. I might consider taking Angel to Wushu lessons. But still, that will be her secondary option, I don't want her to grow up kicking thy old man. haha.