Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twenty Six February Two Thousand & Nine - The Curious Face of Baby Angel

26th February 2009.

Today is a historic day.

Not because Obama rolled out an audacious $3.55 trillion budget set for reform. Nor is it because I finally see a lump on my stomach after weeks of trying to gain some weight (It is not a pleasant sight, I think I prefer to be slim despite the missus's constant effort in strumming my ribcage for obvious reason).

Today is historic because baby Angel made a hamster face. Yes you hear me, a hamster face. The type of expression that suggest heaps of nuts have been deliberately stored in both cheeks, complete with gigantic innocent eyes almost exploding while she is trying to compress her upper and lower lips into one lump of a sausage.

She has grown up. Faster than I can imagine. She is 4 months and 5 days old today. She weighs a healthy 6.53kg and covers a length of 62.5 cm. The figures probably doesn't mean a lot except for potential 4D betting inspiration because in another week or so she will be taller and heavier, hopefully just a tad heavier because I have been having sore arms and a disproportionate back lately. But that is not the point, the point is; she is starting to pick up new learning examples and slowing moving away from the territory of a new born baby.

I am almost weeping.. she has finally grown up.

“Don't be silly, she's still a baby, its not like you are marrying your daughter off or something.” I can imagine my missus sneering at me.

But who can blame me? My silly tricks of hoaxing my daughter have not been working of late.

I will go, “Huah Wah Wah Wah Wah” with my mouth wide opened and Angel will maintain indifference.


“Angel girl girl girl girl GURL!!!” I will squeal in a melodic high pitch yet disgusting tone. The little one simply frowned and attempt to suck at her fingers instead. I can almost sense what she's thinking, “Dad please.. I am 4 months old, stop embarrassing yourself”. And then more hamster face for the whole bloody day.

I had no idea where she learned that from. But the fact is she is starting to explore new things and making faces because she is fast turning into a toddler. In another few months or so she will be crawling all over the place tearing down the house, doodling on car leather seats and probably reading pictorial books with fat hamster illustrations in them.

I braced myself ahead with mixed feelings. Here's one father who doesn't have a clue on how being a parent is like barely one year ago. He has grown accustomed to a new born daughter, living a life of sleepless nights and no longer finding human poop smelly, which is well... a cause for concern. He has also learned to communicate in baby speak but only to find the language now obsolete because baby Angel cannot grow up learning to speak gibberish. Proper pronunciation must be enforced, a conducive growing up environment must be provided and so forth and so on. The anticipation of my daughter calling me 'Dad' and standing on her feet is exciting, however her moving away from a cuddly new born will be something I will dearly missed. To be honest, when she made the hamster face for the first time today, I was totally thrilled and happy. So yes, things are going to get more and more exciting with this little girl of mine. I will have to teach her how to poop properly on a toilet bowl sometime later, and I will have to teach her manners and ABC in time to come. But the feeling of cuddling her as a new born will not go away either, it will always remain fresh in my memory and in my heart.

The first challenge currently though is to concoct new tricks to communicate with her.

Yeah... I am learning how to make that hamster face now...


*Anton* said...

Aiyuuuuuuu, sooooo sweet.

Dun worry about the gibberish thingy. I still speak lots of it.

Meantime, savour every wonderful moment, every new trick she learns, every new sound she makes, every change in the colour of her poop. Oh how wonderful! ^_^


Twilight Zone said...

Waaaah your gurl really grown up liao! You must have invested the best milk powder with your added love to see her grow so beautifully. Can all the male bloggers be her god papa? I am so happy for you too (wiping my tears of joy)... heh heh

Talking about your ribcage, I am so jealous wor.. How to get a ribcage? tell you wife to appreciate it or else she will sleep with a fat pig soon. LOL

Twilight Zone said...

Eh I didnt know this Anton Foh can ramble the band "Police's" song so well.....

..."Meantime, savour every wonderful moment, every new trick she learns, every new sound she makes, every change in the colour of her poop. Oh how wonderful!".....

So pandai nye Anton.

*Anton* said...

Hey Twilight, Ken adores Uncle Lee.... and I adore Sting, can ar? :P LOLZ

Ken, don't you even dare consider having Uncle Twi and I aka "the retards" as her godpa. We'll probably teach lil' Angel how to whack your head whenever you make those weird faces and noises. :P LOLZ


~LeuMaS~ said...

hey u 2 ~ enuf la.... i will be angel godpa~ :)
ken, i think u prefer a better looking uncle leumas to sayang ur baby angel instead of the 2 of them right? :p hehehe
ken, the more i read ur blog, the more i found out tat u really really love ur baby girl so much...almost all ur latest blogs are talking abt her...Awwhhh~ so sweet :)

Daniel Ng said...

Hi Ken, I can fully understand your feeling because I am dad also, I remember someone told me that daughter is the second lover of a men, It's quite true! I can feel that how much you love your Angel!

It's fun and exciting to see the kids pick up something new and you will have so much surprise on what they learned!

Have fun!

A Common Singaporean said...

Anton - Angel will grow up listening to Old Lee tales, and she will find me a boring Dad. And she will probably be asking "Dad, can you be like a normal father who lived through the eighties idoling after Vivian Chow instead?"

Twilight - The more the merrier. Angel will be thrilled that all the male bloggers are queuing up to be her god father. She will sit back with a popcorn and audition each and every one of you. "What? You are an Old Lee supporter? Next please.." haha. Seriously, you can all be her blogger daddies.

Leumas - 3rd in the queue line are you? And I suppose you are a proper student with a proper film star to idolize? No Mr Lee for you? Then perhaps you make the cut :P

Daniel - Speaking from your experience as a father of three haha. I am looking so forward, but I am still reminiscing backwards. Its sweeter than haagen daz dipped in hot chocolate fudge.

AND EVERYONE - Thank you for your kind words and seeing Angel grow up bit by bit!! Angel will like to say "Muawk Muawk"!! Which means "Yo dudes, you are the best!" in adult speak.

~LeuMaS~ said...

lolz~ i'm no more a student...been in the corporate world for almost 2 years dy...but at least my idol is Sammi Cheng...i think she's much more younger than Vivian Chow :P

A Common Singaporean said...

Hey Leumas - Those pics dressed up as students in your blog post will always make me mistook you for a student!! HAHA. Yeah, at least Sammi Cheng acceptable, Vivian Chow is 40 plus liao.. But actually I am not that out, I know who Rainie Young and Jolin Tsai is, I just never play their music on my player. I am more of the Andy Lau era, but I like Jay Chou's music. GOSH, I am a wimp! I feel like I am in my teens.

~LeuMaS~ said...

lolz...its always good to be young...and seriously, ur pic with angel, i really thought u r younger than me...
btw, i'm also stay in sammi cheng and nicholas tze era... :p

Perky said...

Now is also the time to watch what you say in front of your baby.

I have a friend who uses a lot of vulgar words in his sentences. It comes so naturally to him that he's not even aware that he's doing it.

His barely a-year old daughter has picked up some of his dirty language and he's been trying to reverse that effect ever since (last I heard, he doesn't cuss so much these days. hehehe).

So yeah, watch what you say around your baby :)

A Common Singaporean said...

Leumas - The older you are, you try to dress younger. The younger you are, you want to look older. I am just denying my age with crispier haircut and colorful clothings.

Perky - That is hard. I lived on four letter words and hokkien idioms. But I better try. But its very hard.

Bengbeng said...

ayo twilight, leumas n anton so busy being godfathers..i got no more chanz liao

Shionge said...

Hey Ken, thank you so much for visiting my blog I truly appreciate it :)

I have two daughters and knew the excitment you are going through now. It is wonderful to be able to capture this in writing. I remembered snapping alot of photos when my kids were babies.

Enjoy and embrace this wonderful journey of parenthood :D

A Common Singaporean said...

Beng Beng - But your agenda has always been looking for a daughter in law right? :P

Shionge - Hi! and Wow! 2 daughters! Must be a bundle of joy! Lucky you!

I saw your pictionary post online and I wondered if many kids still play much of these games. My cousins are glued to their PSP and Nintendo DS these days. While these may be fun but I think a social round of board game is very important!

Bengbeng said...

hahahahahahahaha..ha..no need to reply this comment.was just laughing my head off reading yr reply to my comment hahahahah

foongpc said...

Hi, first time commenting here. Dropped by via Michi's blog.

Children grow up pretty fast. So enjoy it while you can! Before you know it, they are at the age where they start rebelling against the parents! Haha!

A Common Singaporean said...

Beng Beng - ;D

Foong - Wah.. don't scare me leh.. My daughter is only 4 months old right now. Well, 4 and half months.. wow.. rather fast..

Benghui said...

Baby angel look so cute. she is smiling

~LeuMaS~ said...

hey ken, dun worry...angel's god father is still here...jst tat i m not having a good mood to blog for this moment....
btw, i might go singapore soon to visit my fren...

A Common Singaporean said...

Beng Hui - Hi! Thank you. You are such a good boy. Come visit our blog often so you can see her pictures :)

Leumas - Hey man, just drop me a mail if u ever need anything in Singapore!!

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