Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family Portrait

Today I just swallowed the most expensive steak of my life, a "Fillet Mignon single cut" set me back at SGD $79.00. The missus had a salmon with a price tag of $52.00. We skipped our Valentine's Day meal last Saturday as we were attending a friend's wedding dinner, so we thought we could celebrate on a separate day and at the same time do away with those overpriced commercial set meals.

We dined at Morton's Chicago Steakhouse this evening. They had this "impressive" method of introducing the restaurant's menu by putting forth a whole tray of raw meat and seafood in front of us as our dedicated server explained the courses (the poor sod was basically dictating a prepared script which I didn't catch on totally). And seeing the slabs of sliced up dead cow meat before ordering isn't exactly tantilising.. I half suspect I saw some chopped up crab legs moving as he spoke.. I am sure my mind was screwing with me after an entire week of OT and hectic workload. But alas I still managed to wind it down over a decent though overpriced meal with my wife and daughter.

As the week curtains down....

Alright this is a bloody boring post. I wish I have some wild escapade such as skinning a crocodile or something to brag about, which I haven't. Instead I have been cooped up with work and more work going for meetings and designing endless stuff for my clients. I did however spent some useful time on and off drawing a family portrait for our family of 3. So here goes, an illustration of the missus, baby Angel and myself attached in this post. Borrowing an art style I did for a current project, I created this pictorial. Not very polished yet as I didn't have the luxury of time to touch up more shadows, details, and possibly a background. Nonetheless its counted as completed although Angel's mum would like to see herself in a hip jeans and stylish sandals instead of an "ah soh" black skirt with horrific red color flat slip ons. I promised to work on it again some day once the client cut me some slack.

Lastly, Have Happy Weekend!

From Ken, Wife and Angel.


*Anton* said...

Darned! Now you have me drooling for a steak, at 2am. :P

Nice drawing. Looks as if you have a really strong arm. haha

Have a wonderful weekend Ken!Give Angel a kiss for me ya. ^_^

Bengbeng said...

Nice drawing. noticed u drew yrself a body builder arm. why not an Arnold Shwartzernegger pecs too while u r at it hahahaha.

Ref yr post, it is the stuff like in the first paragraph which i like to read, the real stuff abt yrself , yr family n yr life, if for example i want to read abt u flying to the moon or dating Jodie Foster or something i would go to some other blogs :)

there is no way i could have that dinner. after converting to RM i will faint even before the food arrives. Guess I am out of that league :) More of kaya n roti for now i guess with the economy going down south rather than steak n stuff

Twilight Zone said...

Aha I kena tipu..... thought could see gorgeous family photo.

Hey Anton, wanna kiss Angel! Why not his misus?


Perky said...

OMG! Your family potrait is so cute! Somehow it kinda reminds me of japanese manga or anime. hehehe...

Have a great weekend too ken! :)

Daniel Ng said...

Hi Ken, very beautiful family portrait!

Who said we have recession, your still enjoyed such overpriced meal:-)P, nolah...sometime quality family time come with expensive price, I understand, I just saw my misus latest credit card statement, oh no! I hope that it is my hallucination!

~LeuMaS~ said...

wow~ good time if i go to spore, u have to draw a portrait for me :p
btw, u shouldnt carry ur baby girl like tat...angela might fall :(

A Common Singaporean said...

Anton - I give Angel about 50 kisses every day. The last few days I gave her 51 ;)

Beng Beng - the missus will die choking of laughter. This illustrated arm is already very pushing..

If I am not wrong, I think I had the least expensive steak. The polterhouse steak from the restaurant cost a mega $182. I did ask my wife whether she wld consider coming back there to dine, she said if the food is good she would. I think she didn't get what I meant.

Twilight - perhaps I may upload a nice family portrait some day, your photographer with the happening hairdo can help shoot a studio shot.. I wouldn't have problem smiling in front of the camera, or better still, laughing. I simply have to visualize a broom..

Perky - I wish I can do manga style but I can't, I am not that much of an illustrator really. I do hv a friend who is damn good in drawing jap cartoons, maybe I'll ask him to
draw instead ;p

Daniel - I was trying to book a dinner for my company staff the other day and most hotels were full house, yeah.. There's no recession, it's all BS. I am hallucinating now.. No recession please, no economic downturn, business up tolong, No seriously, the hotel part is true.

Leumas - the only reason I drew my hand in this awkward position is because I can't draw a proper pose carrying a baby. U still wanna let me draw your portrait?

~LeuMaS~ said...

ya sure...y not? if the portrait is foc

Bengbeng said...

i would love a family portrait too ;) but it wouldnt look good. no portrait with me in it can look good :)

無比膏 Ooby said...

心里也觉得莫名暖暖的,add oil !!


Homely Guy said...

can try Hog's Breath steaks ... my fave, not too ex lah, ard $30++ .. and now got 1 for 1 only on Mondays, promo till Sep 09 ... mai tu liao

i like ur drawing ... nice ... can draw one for my family? hahaha ... just joking