Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dream On

I had the weirdest dream last night.

I thought I must share this.

Glimpse and bits still lingering in my head now. And it was weird. I get the occasional silly dreams whenever I had too much work and too many things hovering on a 34 year old brain trying to keep his tiny multimedia house alive amidst a screwed up economy. But I never had it this surreal. Trust me. Just keep reading.

The past weeks have already been a nightmare for me doubling up as a designer, art director, human resource manager, account servicing manager, toilet cleaner, and probably a sales man prick selling some design bullshit. In times of pressing datelines and creditors knocking at your doorstep, multi-tasking can make a man go crazy sometimes, and you desperately needed some cool headed advice. You need a figurehead, a consultant, a leader to guide you through. As a small time boss of a minuscule company, I had none of the above to look up to. And then it had to happen.

My jaws slammed on the concrete dragging a total of 100 feet because someone I so god damn admire came to my rescue. MR LEE KUAN YEW!! Singapore's Minister Mentor and founding father of our country. Gasp!! arhhmmp. I was bloody choking.

Well, in my dreams, literally of course, .

"Ken Poh?" asked a suave looking Mr Lee who looks like he was still in his earlier years, as he marked a tick in a list he was holding.

A stunned and fucking blur face me still looking at him in total disbelief. Am I dreaming? Is this for real? Or is this a joke? (well, hours later I woke up and slapped myself silly. Heck, its a bloody dream alright, what am I, Barack Obama?).

And in a mutter of confusion and excitement, I can still remember what I said. "Er yes, Sir.. I erh.. I bought this book, your latest book, can you sign your name for me please?" I was so excited I was like a teenager sissy chasing the boy band "Fahrenheit" because I added, "I am a big fan of yours."

I looked at him, I looked at the hard cover book in my hand with his face on it, I looked at his bodyguard with the grim face, and I looked at my daughter sleeping in her cot. Yes, even in my dreams, my daughter cannot spare me, and she looked like she's needing some milk in a bottle.
I cannot decide whether to feed my daughter or chase after my idol. This is driving me crazy like a teenage bitch.

It was house visit. The Minister Mentor doing his round of house visits in the night. And then the bodyguard grabbed my book. Before I could say anything Mr Lee said, "I'll come back to you." And then he left, with the body guards still tagging along. And I begged please, please have the book sign and return to me, while my daughter still wailed a trail behind me. A jump cut scene later, I was looking at the overwhelming crowd in the streets on top of a building. And I was still asking for the bloody bodyguard to give me back my book with Mr Lee's signature on it.

I never got the book. And Lee Kuan Yew never spoke to me again as he promised in the dream. But it was totally mind blowing, me speaking to Lee Kuan Yew, and seeing him face to face. But alas it was a dream only okay. Sigh..

I guess the heavy workload really screwed my brain. I figured out I needed guidance from someone on top which is why I had this really crazy dream. At least I think so. I am not a dream interpreter, I don't buy books like "101 dreams Interpretation", I had to find a logical explanation to this.

But dreams are not logical aren't they, because the great Mr Lee cannot be speaking to me, a saliva dripping twat with his mouth wide opened holding a Minister's Memoirs..


Twilight Zone said...

Muahahaha! I guessed you had heavy supper which locked your brains with stress of the day. Lately I also had tensed dreams filled with office woes! It drove me nuts and I had to find an indian masseur to squeeze all my tension off from my head. Horrible life!

I will reply your antique email which i deserve a kick in my ass. Soli bradder!

~LeuMaS~ said...

haha~cool down man~ jst relax...
or else u'll blow ur mind out of's better to sleep without dream, so..let ur brain have a rest!!!

Daniel Ng said...

lol! the dream is quite weird, I would rather dream of Jessica Alba instead of Mr. Lee..

It's quite sure that you are under stress, I always have a crazy dreams when I under stress such as people chasing me with gun, I need to jump down from 13 floors etc....

Probably you really need to de-stress yourself, yup, Twilight is correct, go to have some good massage, it help!

Perky said...

Well at least you dreamt about a public figure you admire.

I would give anything (well, almost anything) for my idol to visit me in my dreams...

*Anton* said...

Oh dear....sounds so much like you have the hots for Minister Mentor. Did your missus give you that disgusted look when you woke up? LOLZ

On a more serious note, I do empathize what you are gong thru'. We've better all tighten our belts this year. Hang-in there dude!

Bengbeng said...

this is such a weird dream u r having it gives me the creeps. u r probably going thru a stressful period. take care brader

Bengbeng said...

Hope u had a great Valentine weekend. As for tough love ( yr comment ) it is a little difficult sometimes when food has to be put on the table. both the parents work as security guards and have no real home and the income is minimal for life in town

A Common Singaporean said...

Twilight - I will seriously consider getting some masseurs. China, India, Afghanistan all also can, I don't care. Need to squeeze them out.. the tension I mean.

Leumas - I am also thinking of Yoga to free thy mind. But the missus who is into yoga made me do one simple stance and I twisted my back.. Now, back to the massage ladies..

Daniel - I looked up a book while browsing a bookstore, yr symptoms look like u r running from something. How are u juggling with 3 kids? LOLz Just kidding, hv plenty of joy!

Perky - In yr dreams its ok, to give anything. I gave a book to old Lee in my dream and it was never returned to me. I woke up to find the actual book still on my bookshelf, 'heng' ah.. phew

Anton - Haha. I don't exactly have a fetish for old and powerful man. But he is one leader that I drew inspiration from. He's DA MAN!! Alright, u r right.. I am a little bit over..

Beng Beng - Thanks man, I will take care. Nah, the missus gotten used to this. She likes to joke about it whenever old lee is on TV or in the papers. Her mockery is also something I have gotten used to.

Regarding Tough Love. That explains it. I guess we do not live in a perfect world. People grow up as they age, boy mature into man. I sincerly hope the family of 3 will be blessed in time to come.