Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Shopping Trip & A Great Birthday

Baby Angel was still running a block nose and the awful cough, and I wasn't sure if I should bring her along for my niece's birthday dinner. Well, we went ahead anyways, we simply cannot skip this wonderful celebration. My brother's daughter celebrated her 1 year old birthday last Sunday. Much preparation was administered, and it was a fantastic family dinner. Our friend and colleague Paul, was robed in as the official photographer for the highly anticipated event. Everything was prepared thoughtfully. I even survived “Giddy Palace” shopping for our lovely niece Xinyue's birthday present.

I am sorry the correct moniker should be “Kiddy Palace” instead , but in my dictionary of meager vocabulary it must be referred to as “Giddy Palace”. Giddy Palace you see, is a massive super chain store for everything baby and children. Need a flirtatious Barbie doll in hideous pink mini skirt, go to Giddy Palace. Need a gayish look alike male companion for Barbie the doll, go to Giddy Palace. Need an overrated dinosaur in purple suit, hop to Giddy Palace. Need a VCD that plays Barney's version of American Idol, sing your way to Giddy Palace. Need a baby cot, milk bottle, lullaby CDs, baby jumper, sleeping suit, toy gun, wrapping paper, stroller, pampers, and the oversize maternity wear, head over to GIDDY PALACE.

If you haven't already had a spinning head digesting the products listed above, try surviving and breathing inside the superstore physically. I had a better chance surviving the current credit crisis. On the left alley you spot a crying toddler, on the right intersection you see a defiant toddler screaming at the top of her voice. Behind you a crying baby wailed, and above you (ironically) the store music plays a happy song with an Elmo vocal that sounded like a 40 year old man faking orgasm.

I know I am being ruthlessly crude here. And I apologize for offending anyone out there if I ever did. I never meant any harm. I just never fancied an excursion up the king of toddler superstore. Which is why whenever the missus suggested popping over, I needed a construction type pull up crane to heave up my inverted smile.

By the time I stepped over 3 spoiled toddlers, wrestled with Hello Kitty, flip over baby strollers with 5 year olds still sitting in them, pushed away selfish parents, and probably stabbed Barney with a Swiss army knife over and over again we finally arrived at the sales counter with the item in hand. The gay music continued to play above, but the mood isn't particularly gay or rather, happy for the sales staff behind the counter. I have been to the place a couple of times but I have never encountered a smiley sales attendant. Their facial expression suggested they were forced to watch Barney VCDs every morning as part of the norm before they kick start their work day. For Barney fans out there I am sorry if purple is your cup of tea, I just cannot agree wearing that color on a dancing dinosaur, and I am from the creative industry. Creativity must be encouraged but it cannot be absurd. But interestingly the kids love the big cuddly dinosaur. I guess that is the reason why adults can never quite comprehend the imaginative world of children.

No prizes given out for what I did not buy for my niece as her birthday gift. Yes, no Barneys. Just a useful Fisher Price brand shopping trolley designed to aid her in learning to walk. The useful product has an extended handle for the girl to hold on and then walk as she pushes it. Interestingly, those folks at Fisher Price does possess a children's perspective when designing products meant for the kids.

Happy with the purchase, we had the gift wrapped up in teddy bear wrapping paper. We also bought a Polo Ralph Lauren dress for the one year old queen a few days earlier. As a known branded 'xiao' to my friends and family, there is absolutely no way I will pass off shopping for a designer apparel for my niece. The end result had been more than rewarding. Seeing the joy on Xinyue's face meant she was more than delighted with the propositions. The gift unwrapping ritual must be the most exciting highlight for any Birthday kid. The chuckles and excited body language from your child will definitely make any parent feel rewarded. I can see that in my brother's eye. A long anticipated 1st Birthday for your kid is perhaps the joyous occasion of the year. It was such a fantastic Birthday, not only for Xinyue, but for everyone, including my mum and dad who held on tightly to their 2 granddaughters, Xinyue and of course our little Angel.

With one great Birthday over, another one arrives in another 6 months time. And I am already wondering what to buy for our little Angel when it is her turn for her birthday. How about a chic Armani Kid dress complete with the signature eagle logo? Top it off with sparkling crystals sewn over the logo. That would be perfect.

But I can already hear the missus ratter in my head now, “Please don't make your daughter into a spoiled brat! You vain bastard!!”

I am itching all over now...


Daniel Ng said...

"....the store music plays a happy song with an Elmo vocal that sounded like a 40 year old man faking orgasm." LMAO..why they play such awful in the children toys store!

I agree with your missus this time-- you vain bastard, don't spoiled your cuties angel..hahaha, LOL!

You take care, dude!

::. Anton ::. said...


Please give Angel a lil' peck for me, will ya! ^_^


Shionge said...

Yo Happy Birthday to your Niece ya and that is very thoughtful of you to shop for such a nice gift.

Now, now....I am just being neutral and constructive here, babies grow up very fast (trust me very very fast) so no point in spending so much money buying branded items. They will outgrow their clothes & toys etc.

Having said that, being first time parent, sure pamper one so ok lah, you have my permission to splurge on Angel's first Birthday :D

~LeuMaS~ said...

"happy song with an Elmo vocal that sounded like a 40 year old man faking orgasm." ~ hello... tats kid (leumas) here reading ur blog ok...shy la~

btw, u look more SKINNIER... ur hands compare with xinue's daddy hand, ur hand is like skeleton grabbing little Angel...

please la~ eat more ok? ask ur missus to feed u with human breast milk...u will grow fatter :P

::. Anton ::. said...

Leumao ~ you are a disgusting SICKO! :P


Bengbeng said...

yr wife sounds like Mrs BB. she is always scolding me for pampering Benghui. But that is sound advice for when she grows up. She will grow up very fast, believe me. :)

A Common Singaporean said...

Daniel - It was just me. I am the problematic one. Kiddo music makes me giddy. So much so that I am unable to make out whether the vocal is a male or female! I cannot determine whether the voice is a high pitch male or a low pitch female. Hence the description. LOLz.

Anton - 2nd vote for agreeing with the missus?! Oh my oh my! The eagle is flying away..

Shionge - Aha!! Finally permission granted!! Burberry or Armani better? What do u reckon? Wahahaha. So vain lah!

Leumas - Thats why u are a colored wolf!! see! hahaha.

Anton - I get to second an opinion too!

Beng Beng - Man to man talk. Ok lah, pamper him a little bit. Why not?! I am thinking between u and Mrs BB, u r wearing the goody shoe and Mrs BB is the diciplinary one? (If thats true, we can 'kan peh' and cheers to our beer mugs!)

Bengbeng said...

Ken - Man to man talk.

'kan peh' and cheers to our beer mugs!) :)

First time i received a toast online n reciprocated hahahahahahahha

~LeuMaS~ said...

A gang of old man try to bully me~~~

foongpc said...

I think it's not worth buying an expensive and beautiful dress for your daughter. Since she'll be growing up fast and the dress won't fit any more. But that's only my opinion. Maybe you think it's worth it cos you want to capture the moment!

Bengbeng said...

Miss your beating the chest n rantings against the world :)

Please update

A Common Singaporean said...

Leumas - Now I feel really old now that you said it. haha

Foong PC - You are right. But forgive the 1st time dad lah. LOL

Beng Beng - That is why I am a Singaporean. Complain and complain. hee hee. Yes, updates soon. Take care and "LIM" ar!!