Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mr Lee Revisit & A Long Break

Something is very wrong with me. I woke up in the morning, fed my daughter, took a shower and assess my stress factor.

Cannot be what... I am healthy, exercise regularly, not psychotic, and I look like the Japanese heart throb Takeshi Kaneshiro. Alright, the latter is a sick joke, I resemble nothing near him. The only reason why I mentioned Kaneshiro is because I have been using the skin product he so dearly endorsed.

But why do I keep dreaming of our MM Lee (Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew). He revisits, in my dream after a 2 month long hiatus. The last time he appeared in my dream he was doing his “meet the people session” at my house. This time he chatted with my mum! I was dumb-folded and rightfully so, and I was still as nervous as a misbehaved kid waiting to be spanked.

The fact that my mum doesn't speak English doesn't bother him either. They had a great chat, although I couldn't make up whether they were conversing in any sign language of sort. But Mr Lee is in a great health of younger days about the age of 60 (similar of my previous dream). And my mum? Weird, she looked much younger in her early days too!! Even while sleeping I am concious I was dreaming. And dreams are not supposed to be logical, so I am sure my mum does not know him on a personal level…

And this time round in dreamland, no wailing from Baby Angel, no bodyguards, I gleefully presented something for him to sign on it. I glanced around the superficial room that never existed in real life for an item to have his signature scribbled on, I only managed to grab hold of a bright red T-shirt I designed for my company a couple of years back. The print on the T shirt with a devil-like creature read “Jian Gui Le” in mandarin (translated in English as: Seen a Ghost).

Now, how hospitable is that… He revisits my house and I present him with a “Seen a Ghost” pictorial for him to sign. Still, like a under-aged ignorant kid, I handled the T shirt to him with shaky hands. The great man had never for once smiled when he appeared in my dream, but he nevertheless signed on the T shirt even as he was wearing his signature stern expression.

Surprise surprise!! I finally got his priceless signature! And that was not the end. I also managed to have him signed on my ‘Lee Kuan Yew Memoirs’!! This is like lottery! No, this has to be a lottery. The morning I woke up from the absurdness of this dream, I dived into another absurd conclusion. I am going to strike “Beh Piou” (4D in hokkien). So I jotted down all the dates related to Mr Lee and marched fiercely to the Singapore Pools.

Of course none of the numbers came out. What was I thinking. I concluded I was just a regular stressed up chap in a Government aided economic buyout environment.

I am sure the common man on the ground must have their own fair share of absurdity on certain days, such as dreaming about dating a film star or something. But mine has gone a fair bit far fetched…

That happened more than 3 weeks ago.

Which means I haven’t been free of work load since, and I haven’t had the time to post and ratter complaints on Blogosphere like a true Singaporean. But I will be back. Because Baby Angel is now 6 months and 2 weeks old. She has made tremendous progress since the last update. And I feel imperative to document my daughter’s growing up moments before she start to walk and become less of a baby but more of a toddler.

Meanwhile I am stitching up a collage of Angel’s recent and past photos, including the missus’s birthday pic at Verve restaurant. Til the masterpiece is done, take care all, on this Vesak Weekend.

Be blessed.

PS: And if anyone can interpret my silly dream please let me know, preferably with a more accurate set of numbers…


Twilight Zone said...

While I have highest respect for LKY for turning a small republic into the focus of the world's map, I never dreamt about him. You definitely have past life's acquaintance with him along with your mum. He probably was your mum's ex admirer or past life's hubby. The DNA & past life's frequencies still float in the universe for you to pick up. Next time carry his photo inside the pools before buy lucky pick. Sure kena la! LOL

::. Anton ::. said...

It has been a long while, dude! ^_^

YAB Oracle Twilight has spoken, and Angel's overstressed Kaneenashiro-lookalike Dad shall follow Oracles's advise to go buy "beh piao" whilst oggling at Uncle Yew.

Have a wonderful week ahead! ^_^

A Common Singaporean said...

Twilight - That is a very very concise and almost logical dream interpretation. He was probably my discipline master in the past life, which is why I always get the feeling he was going to spank my backside... My mum's side, hoho.. thats creatively scary. Because my mum is a clean freak, everything in the house is tip top shiny and dustless because she has a high demand in cleaniness! Very similar to one of MM's traits. hahaha. (I bought 4D again but I didnt win, I gave given up since, but maybe I should try one more time, with the photo in the pocket)

Anton - Thank you for that "kaneshiro lookalike" statement, even though it is a passing remark. hahaha. How delusional is that? Me, a hunk? Just be glad my wife did not puke when she read my post. Sigh.. Anyway, I might just try one more time on lottery. And if I do win, I'll let u guys know first hand. HUAT AH!!!

Shionge said...

Yo..been a while since your last post and hope all is well and fine.

Not bad to dream of MM Lee, heng heng for sure lah ;) With or without 4D. time flies and hope you and your wife had a great Mother's Day Celebration ya ;D

Bengbeng said...

it is weird is all i can say for u to dream about LKY. Perhaps u r feeling insecure n LKY represents a stabilizing factor in the future of Singapore? Hey man, this dream of yrs is really weird but i suspect it is not a spiritual thingy but a manfestation of yr psyche. :)

Jus a rubbish comment from me, Ken :)

A Common Singaporean said...

Shionge - That is so true. Time travels at warp speed. I can't believe my daughter have already learned how to voice out her opinion by squealing whenever she is displeased. She opens her arms for you to carry her and you walk away, she squeals. And if your milk is late, she squeals. And so on.

Well, mothers are the best. We had a great Mother's Day, I am sure you had too.

As for MM Lee, I havent struck that lottery yet..

Beng Beng - Not Bad leh. Sounds very analytical. I too am finding this very weird. On some occasions which I did not blog about, I also met PM Lee in my dreams. hahaha. What the heck is going on!?

Bengbeng said...

u need to read a book by Sigmund Freud on analysis of dreams. u will find it very interesting

A Common Singaporean said...

Beng Beng - I googled Sigmund Freud based on your suggestion. I found this :

Its rather interesting. Maybe its true, like what Freud suggested, maybe I always wanted to meet LKY in person which is why he constantly appears in my dream. A friend of mine (from the high society, he is shamelessly rich lah) did have the pleasure of having a tete with LKY via a function. I guessed if that really happened to me I would have freak out man!

Anonymous said...

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