Thursday, June 18, 2009

Simple Moments in Life

The couple of weeks haven't been too taxing for me. My designers in the office slogged day and night currently though (it was their turn after mine hahaha I am the evil boss from hell lah), I had a much more paced out working schedule. In light of that, I found myself slowing down to enjoy some very simple happenings lately.

1) The Physiotherapist

Peter is about twice my shoulder width, add another 2 heads above mine, and factor in that biceps that could probably cover my face, you get one menacing trainer from Finland. Peter is my physiotherapist. My slipped discs brought me to him. 2 unhealthy discs from the spine and an arthritic knee plus a 8 kg daughter is too much for me to bear. So I undergo a back strengthening program.

Peter is a nice guy. Because he jokes with you.

“Okay, you do 3 minutes. Pull forward and let go, lengthen your spine as you bring your back down” He said in his Finnish English accent and then pressed the 3 min timer button.

“Huh? I just finished 10 of those,” I protested.

“That was a warm up”, he grinned.

I could have cursed but it made me laughed. It was a short moment, but it was a light hearted moment. It took the tension out of me. Of course there were many jokes he would cracked. Because this was the first one when I met him, I thought it made an impression.

2) The “Sian Tao Uncle”

I was reading a book, “Dark Alchemy”. The title suggest a dark tale adventure with intense battles and wizardry. It is a fantasy book. I was immersed, almost.

“All succshessfoo women hadth the soopport ofth a man behindth her”

Where did that come from? My eavesdropping ear searching for a soundwave direction.

“Why?” returned a female voice.

“Becoth I amth behindth you mah...”

Then some giggles...

I turned around and saw an uncle holding his swollen jaw with his left hand, and with his right hand, supporting a woman, the woman was leaning on his body. They looked past 45 years of age.

And then more giggles...

I almost dropped my book. All of us were patients in the dental clinic waiting for our turn. It was a mild joke, but it was funny one to me. The uneasiness heightened by the fact that the sweet talk came from an elderly uncle. Even at his age, he was clearly a sweet talker. The women, whom I am not sure would it be his wife or mistress, glued to him like chewing gum.

Wah lao eh, I was almost electrified after hearing that. He is one big “Sian Tao” lor! (Sweet Talker in hokkien)

3) The Daily Jogger

Despite my screwed up back and knee, I still jog regularly. I jogged much lesser now though, but added swimming to my routine to make up for it. My evening runs around the sport stadium a stone's throw away from my house exposed me to some very unique characters. There was this uncle, whom I deem almost 70 years of age or perhaps more, who would be running at the stadium whenever I was there. That concluded to me he ran everyday.

But he is no fit uncle. The way he walked, twisting his neck and limping on every step as his roamed every 400m around the stadium suggested I would be the future him, a old skinny man with a crushed knee and back. My prospective future looked bleak. But on a positive note, he still manages to keep up with his activity despite his physical shortfall. It was most commendable. Regulars in the stadium knew him, waving at him whenever they see him. So you can say he was never alone, although he came alone.

I bumped onto him again after an evening swim. On my way back to the car my eyes met him in a distance. He was twisting his neck and swaying his arms back and forth walking with a limp. He became my instant idol. I would have left myself to rot in a condition like his. But none of those deterred him, he was walking towards the stadium for his regular jog.

It warmed me, and naturally I smiled at him, giving him an assured nod in the event of it.

His returned smile made my day. It was fantastic and I realized I had forgotten to smile in recent years. I had re-explored the magic of smiling, it brings people closer, it is so simple yet it is magic.

I guess I'll see him again on the tracks on the next running session, perhaps a chat to top it off.

These are the simple things in life that had made some days seem a breeze through.

Dear friends, as the weekend draws near, relax, unwind, and smile.

With Smiles,
Ken & Family


::. Anton ::. said...

Aiyo Vino Diesel has so many ailments!!!

Come to think about it, I'd better shut my mouth and touch wood, coz I'm feeling pretty lousy myself these days.


Anonymous said...

haha the old uncle is adorable! lol
the way you type the speech also sounds like an old man.. haha..

A Common Singaporean said...

Ant - Oh, you take care of your health buddy! As you would agree, nothing's comparable to health.

And feel good man, weekend's here!!!

Kenwooi - Yah lah, I got the goose pimples when he said that! I can see why the lady stuck to him like gum!

Sonia said...

Are you sure you've forgotten how to smile? You smile a lot already what o_o' And with May around, you can't possibly forget. She's so cheerful you can't help but smile with her :D

A Common Singaporean said...

Aiyo Sonia - Are you sure? Don't I look stern in the office???

I used to laugh a lot more. That was what I meant. Then one day May told me not to laugh so hard, because my wrinkles are showing. Then it wasn't that funny anymore. That made her laugh even more (mostly mockery).

So I sulked all the way from 30 years old to 34 years old.

foongpc said...

Enjoyed reading about your interesting simple moments in life. Yeah, smile more and don't be the evil boss form hell : )

Medie007 said...

wow ur physiotherapist sure is a BIG guy. :)

Shionge said...

Yo Happy Father's Day to you Ken and yes...little simple moments certainly add pleasure to us in life.

Smiling is contagious and I have been doing that all the time, all the time but sometimes stubborn people just won't light up ;(

Anyway.....I'm still smiling because they are the one losing out the pleasure in life :D

A Common Singaporean said...

Foong - I am kind by nature lah. But evil under the influences of society. hee hee.

Medie - Yah, you tend not to play punk with this guy. Whatever he tells you to do, just do it...

Shionge - Read your touching post. Happy Father's Day to you. I am sure you had a great day as well with D and the kids!