Friday, June 12, 2009

A Nightmare, Fret not, Some Lovely Pics to Light the Day

This is an account of what I dreamed last night. It felt so real:

I was cruising on a stretch of road. Behind in the back row, my wife and daughter were enjoying the serenity of trees and palms zooming past as I stepped on the accelerator. It was a most relaxing car ride scenario.

Our serene moment was then disturbed by a sudden jerk! Although it happened too quickly but I could feel my car swaying to the side of the road and eventually coming to a full halt. I could not recall what exactly had happened but my baby daughter seemed to have been flung out of the car, or not, but either how I was sure I had lost trace of her after the bumpy hit. And wifey seemed to have disappeared in a flash. The shock within me far out-matched the impact of the car knock. My immediate instinct was to pick myself up and raced towards the direction where I thought I saw baby Angel was heading.

I floored the gas petal and drove like a demon. I do not seem to give a fuck about any other thing except to speed off in the direction where I deem suppose to be.

Another knock.

My car came to a full halt once more on the side of the road. Everything was silent, I hear no screeching tires nor the bang of metals against metals, or perhaps metals against concrete, I do not care. It was most odd. I only recalled I recovered quickly on this one and fucking pissed. I stepped out of the car to see a man dressed in blue walking towards me shouting and demanding something from me.

It appeared I had been stopped by some sort of policeman (peculiarly, a mustached one) who claimed I had exceeded the speed limit. I fucked him and told the "George Lam" lookalike that I don't have time to explain this as I have to catch up with my missing daughter. The bastard wouldn't let it go and so instinctively I gave him a hard kick to the ground and hop right back into the car.

I floored the gas pedal again and sped off.

I think I witnessed lights, red & blue sirens from the rear view mirror. But I do not give a shit, I need to find my family.

I sped, I sped and sped.

A very obstructing cut scene later. I was among people in a recreational park environment. Parents were playing with their kids in the park and there were some see saws parked around. I was already weeping, uncontrollably. There was anguish, sadness, fear and panic all swelling inside of me. I was hunting for baby Angel among the crowd. I do not recall why Angel's mum was with me out of sudden, but there she was, following me wherever I go, searching high and low, low and high. Where was baby Angel? I had not stopped weeping, tears kept streaming down my cheeks, I kept on weeping as I searched.

I felt like shit.

After much combing from area to area, at last to my relief I spotted our baby daughter rolling on top of other toddlers in a far distance! And she's sucking her thumb for comfort, she appeared to have been a little soiled and bruised. I ran like a leopard could and pounced on her before she rolled out of the stack of babies. I caught her with my very own hands, and I wept again. This time, one loud but relief wail...!

By this time, I am absolutely sure I am a fucking big sissy because I woke up with tears still in my eyes!! And a patch of tears still lingered on my pillow. I turned around and find baby Angel sleeping by my side and eyes wide opening, she kicked and opened up her arms flapping them, and then rolled close to me and gave me that angelic smile that still melt me a like warm chocolate.

THANK GOD. It had only been a freaking horrible nightmare.

Yet it felt so realistic that I actually cried in my sleep. It was really scary, more scary than any horror show screened on any cinemas. Plus it dented my macho-ism. I WEPT, LIKE A WIMP!!

I'll end my post with some jovial pics of my 7 and half months old daughter who had already started to grow her first set of teeth. She had become so active now hopping and kicking her legs whenever I carried her. Then the rolling... she's been rolling herself over and over when placed lying on the bed. So much so that I have to place 2 pillows on both the far left and right of the bed to prevent her from tumbling on the floor.

I wonder if that's what triggered the horrific dream...

Enjoy the pics:

Mummy's Gem.

Daddy's Little Girl.



Leu said...

OMG, wat a nightmare... this shows how much u really care for your daughter... seems like she has gradually took over all your heart. Ur missus seems like the supporting actress only in ur dream~ hahaha !!!

Dun worry, baby angel is still with u ~ forever. ok? And baby angel's god dad is coming to visit her next month :)

btw, when i went shopping yesterday, i was thinking of buying her clothes but in the end i decided not to. Coz i dun knw how fast she will grow larger... thinking of buying something tat angel will remember her god father... hehehe :P

::. Anton ::. said...

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection.
And I'm sure you'll guard her with all your might,and love her with all life's worth.
A perfect read to end my work-week.
I'm touched ..... truly! ^_^


foongpc said...

Wow! What a horrible nightmare! It seems that baby Angel is your life to you!

No, you are not a wimp. Any man who cares for his daughter and loved ones will also cry.

Btw, do you always sleep with baby Angel? Sometimes sleeping with her close by will trigger such dreams : )

A Common Singaporean said...

Leumas - Hey, I am looking forward to next month!! But please don't spend lah :) When you here, we'll have Angel take a picture with you. She'll remember you for life, can't hide!!

Ant - I hope you are not crying though. Because my hanky's wet enough, can't take another load. haha.

Ok, I'll stop the talk cock here. I can be rather annoying at times.
It was a horrible nightmare. I hope not to have some more of these. I'll sure be on drip due to dehydration for hopelessly crying too much.

Foong - What you said is so true. I find myself repeating this as well, she's really my life's worth.

Oh really?! Cos she's so used to sleeping with my wife and me on the bed!

Medie007 said...

i skipped the nightmare part.
but ur baby is cuteeeeee!

Anonymous said...

wow scary huh? i too have scary dreams at times.. woke up and i felt so relieved.. lol..

dreams are weird huh? the scenes can jump here and there all the time..

i too have weird dreams all the times.. the setting will change very quick.. all sorts of people joining the "fun" and weird acts too.. lol..

i guess that's why its called a dream.. =)

A Common Singaporean said...

Medie - Thanks for popping by. Yes, she is my sweetheart!

Kenwooi - Dreams are also inspiration to buy lottery! Although U never won one by interpreting a dream, but some of my friends actually did!!

Twilight Zone said...

I read this post the 2nd time and still got goose bumps! You ate too much supper before sleep ka? Honestly, your room often has passing spirits haunting your dreams. Do something la.

A Common Singaporean said...

Yo Twilight - I also had the same feeling. I have 1 talisman facing direct to another talisman above my bed. I have a charm by the door. And I have 2 talisman under the pillow. Tidak Boleh?

::. Anton ::. said...

You'd better get Twilight to make a personal housecall. No need talisman, there mere sight of Twilight drives evil away ....


foongpc said...

Is Twilight a ghostbuster?

You really love baby Angel so much as it she's your life? Maybe she's someone close to you in your past life?

Btw, don't get too attached to her. Practise some detachment : )

A Common Singaporean said...

Ant - I am thinking of printing out Twilight's face from his blog and sticking it on my wall. That do do the trick? HAHA!

Foong - How to practise detachment? In another 10 years or so, she'll rather be with her friends than her old daddy, it will happen anyway. So I am sticking to her like glue for now, to make up for the future. ;)

Anonymous said...

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