Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Side Tracked Father's Day Post

A couple of weeks ago, I was patronizing the Starbucks Cafe near my house. The Starbucks at Civic Centre would be my regular haunt whenever I needed some caffeinated aromatic therapy. The baristas spinning blended coffees and the long list of high class kopi blends knew me by my ang moh name "Ken". Forget "regular", you can say I am almost a "day-gular".

A specky barista had her jaw wide opened when I ordered my Ice Caramel Macchiato lugging baby Angel with one hand and attempting to pull out a fifty dollar note from my wallet using my other hand.

"BABY??" she asked, almost stunned.

"Yeah. She's my daughter, isn't she cute. Say 'Hi' Angel," I replied proudly.

"I thought you are still single!" she exclaimed.

Oh, that startled me a little. Oh yes, I had my coffee breaks after lunch during workdays, I had my 2nd cuppa in the evenings some nights, I had ice grande mochas after my swim, I had the 'croque monsier' on the go for breakfast before heading to the office, but was never seen with baby Angel tugged under my arm, not to mention the missus and my 10 year old niece who tagged along.

"You are a father...", her braces beaming under the chic yellowish interior lighting, the green leafy veggie stucked in her braces was beginning to bother me a little.

"Yeah... well... yah..." (I didn't know what to say)

"So... father of... TWO...??" she asked, pointing her finger at my overweight 10 year old niece.

That triggered a laugh from me. I almost choked on my saliva, but luckily I grabbed Angel tight with my arm.

"Hahahaha. NO!! One lah!", I replied. And then both of us blurted loud laughters. I had no idea why she laughed, but I laughed because the idea of fathering another 10 year old daughter mused me. She probably might had snapped her braces should I proclaim my other daughter a ten year old primary 5 kid. How possibly is that? I know my wrinkles cut like MRT tracks but surely I don't look that old?

I realized I am used to acknowledging myself as a dad, but not used to someone seeing me as a father. It was the same when I just got married. The word "husband" rather than "boyfriend" needs getting used to.

But "Father" is a big word. Father means responsibility, means bringing rice to the table and more. If "husband" is a rank higher than "boyfriend", I suppose "father" outrank "husband". My self denial on being older each year and my remaining youth slipping away might have done some tricks on me, I am not sure. But this only apply when I am being seen as a father by outsiders. When spending time alone with my daughter and wife, I feel perfectly like a dad.

Three days ago was Father's Day. I told my wife I have yet earned my place as a father because I have only been one for less than 8 months. I don't think I deserve Father's Day. My dad deserved it, he had been a father for 35 years. He had slogged and tolled all his life for us. My wife then explained it doesn't work like that, if you are a dad, you are. I had a pleasant surprise when she got me an Armani Exchange black Polo Tee for Father's Day. So I guess she meant what she said, and definitely no excuses for not feeding my daughter in the middle of the night.

So I'll take her word for it. I have got to fit this role better. Drive carefully with my baby in the car, spend money wisely, be less vain and dress like an uncle, buy John Little's oversized checkered short sleeves at $15 each instead of that DKNY's spring summer $289 trendy city-print shirt (BULLSHIT of course, everyone knows I am a vain bastard, but well, but I'll spend less) , forget parties and bars, stop being nonsensical, quit being silly, swear less (I can't possibly not swear, I drive in Singapore), alright... it may get gloomier and doomier as I typed... but I guess seeing Angel's peaceful face while she is engrossing in dreamland is more than worth it (I am sitting with her, typing, while she sleeps in front of me on the bed right now).

8 months 1 day old today. Never less demanding since day 1, but more adorable each day. My personal favourite though a little cruel is that she will laugh, kick in the air, and clap her hands whenever she see me coming, but cry if I stop a few metres away without carrying her. That is how much she is attached to me and wifey. She has also grown up to be a jovial gal. She laughs, every single day. She scream with excitement when played rough. A very interesting act worth mentioning is how she engaged in a coughing competition with my wife. Angel coughs (she's faking it
so that we would carry her), then wifey coughs, then Angel coughs again, then wifey, then Angel, then she chuckles out loud. Then all three of us have a good laugh. I wonder why she finds it amusing and fun, but as long as she is happy, we'll play this game with her, over and over again.

I actually wanted this post to be about Father's Day, but obviously I have side tracked a little. I could probably carry on rattering and rattering about the 3 of us, about our little baby, but I should stop now, its getting lengthy. Besides, it is about time for a father's job, feeding time.

Happy Father's Day, belated, well... I am such an expired blogger, waddoya expect? Hee.


Leu said...

oh gosh~ this is so sweet... u have been a good father... but dun worry, earn more, u can still be a high fashion father who can afford Hermes for urself, LV for ur missus...

keep up the good work ken :)

Medie007 said...

that's so sweet... :)

little Angel is growing up with drowned in love. :P

::. Anton ::. said...

Weeeee I could still live in self-denial! lolz

Your posts alwiz touches me, coz you are so open to your flaws and having such a sense of awareness of living life. Angel is one lucky kiddo! ^_^


Bengbeng said...

wow, Angel is a lucky little girl. U r a father even if Angel is a day old :)

Happy father's Day to you

Anonymous said...

awww.. you have a sweet daughter..
and yeah.. husband and father is 2 different responsibility.. =D

your friend is funny.. lol.. maybe she didnt expect it! =D

Twilight Zone said...

Oh papa, you swear too? So I am not alone @#$%&!!!!
I think agency bastards often swear, I just wonder why?
Well, your dressing sure portrays like a manhunt candidate and lucky that Starbucks waitress didn't pass out from shock. What a lady killer you are! LOL

Bengbeng said...

Hey buddy, u r on mylongkang's wall of fame. It is not a meme so u needn't worry. :)

A Common Singaporean said...

Leumas - LV for the missus, yes. It is a pre-requisite. All woman die for LV's and Gucci's. But to carry the Hermes, I need to sell off my wife's LV and trade in my underpants. Sigh, Giordano I am coming...

Medie - I haven't updated her naughty bits. She's sweet when she's in a good mood, when she's cranky... well... erm.. still sweet lah, hee.(I am such a shameless father)

Anton - Wow, we are bros man! You denial your age as well? Woohoo!!! I can tell my wife I am not alone and wipe off the sneer on her face. hahaha.

Hey thanks, because you are the sentimental type, you are touched by the crap I write. hahaha. But seriously, thanks for humbling me.

Beng Beng - Beng Hui is also lucky to have a dad like you :) Happy Father's Day dude!! You deserved it!

Kenwooi - She hell didn't expect it. I have such a beat-me-up face who'll expect I am father of a 8 mth old daughter?!

Twilight - Tell me who don't swear!! Everyone does! Some just do it silently in their heart. Ok lah, just becos I am CB tongue doesn't mean everyone must be like that. I am just bitching because I don't have some people's cultured attitude. LOL.

Eh, no lah. I am not a lady killer lah. I am seriously one uncle making a laughing stock of himself trying to dress young.

Beng Beng - Ooi! I commented on your blog laio! haha I am famous now! You want my autograph? ;P And thanks dude, I am so very much humbled!!

Perky said...

Ok, I know I'm late but happy belated Father's Day, Ken! :)

And my God, you drink a lot of coffee! lol!

::. Anton ::. said...

Twilight looks and speaks very cultured too ....the CB mouth only reveals its dominance in the blog. A great example of split personality! LOLZ


A Common Singaporean said...

Perky - Wah, thank you thank you, and not late becos actually I am the expired blogger compared to everyone else. LOL. And YES, I drink freaking gallons of coffee!! That is the reason why Starbucks is so darn rich with so many many many outlets all around the globe. They have been sucking my pocket dry. Caffeine is like nicotine, the govt should impose hire taxes on those darn beans...

Anton - I can imagine that. hee hee. Eh, can he also swear in Thai when he writes?

::. Anton ::. said...

I'd better not say too much....else he'll curse me till he foams and froths! LOLZ

Have a wonderful week ahead. A goodnite peck to wifey and lil' Angel ya! ^_^


foongpc said...

Happy belated father's day to you!

This post is interesting. Didn't know you like Starbucks so much, you swear (if you can swear in Singapore, I don't know what you will do if you drive in KL!), you are vain and you are married with a child!

OK, that last one I knew already, just want to add that in for fun! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey dropped by to check out for latest post! lol

Reply: Don't think the topic is relevant to my course.. haha.. =P

Shionge said...

Cool Father who patronizes Star Buck (think of kopi O cheaper Ken heheheh)

Anyway, once a Dad alwways a Dad :D Happy Father's Day and I'm sure you'll score with flying colours :d

MiChi said...

Happy belated father's day!
You sound so happy to be a father~~!! haha, when your angel grown up, she will read your blog and understand about your pass, she will be so touched ... heh heh

A Common Singaporean said...

Ant - ;P OK OK

Kenwooi - Hee hee I am such an expired blogger, as always. Soon someone's gonna comment about fungi and mould sprouting here. Ant you there? :P

Shionge - Kopi OH! Yeah I had that on top of starbucks!! OMG I realized my crumpy facial skin is the result of caffeine intoxication! And thanks! Father's Day is over but it feels good to still be receiving wishes!

Michi - Thank you!! HAHAHA When she grows up and start to read. And if she read her boring dad's blog, I'll have to remove all the "F" words. So many of them!!!! Wahhhhh!!!

A Common Singaporean said...

Foong PC - Apologies, apparently missed out your reply earlier. Firefox was giving me problem. I replied everyone and then I couldn't publish my comments for 3 consecutive tries. So I launched Internet Explorer and re-typed the comments again only to realize I missed out yours. I am so sorry.

I have driven in many cities. Singapore, Malaysia, West America (LA, Vegas, Seattle, San Frans etc), Sydney, Melbourne, Shanghai, and others. Singaporeans still top as one of the worst drivers in the world! Although Shanghai was a vomit to drive as well. So yes, I am most vulgar behind the drving wheel LOL!

And thanks for enforcing my vanity albeit married with kids. Unfortunately this is so very true ;P

savante said...

Just be damned proud! Happy Belated Dad's Day!

A Common Singaporean said...

Savante - I am not just proud. I am VAIN. Muahahahah!

tikno said...

Nice story. Feel like you are a good father.

A Common Singaporean said...

Hi Tikno - Congrats on your newborn! I read your posts. I am sure you'll be a good father too!

tikno said...

Thank you.

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