Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Riding Out The Challenge With My Wife.

I am facing a blank screen trying to type sense of things lately.
Good, now that I had typed the first sentence and currently on my second, I’ll try keeping it going. You see, truth is, I haven’t got much I really want to express on my blog lately. Life is gel of baby sitting, work, meals with dad and mum, in-laws, my routine runs and laps in the pool, and that’s it. My social life pretty sucked these days, so you won’t see any wild party pics in this blog anytime soon. Plus, with my age catching up, I kinda feel like I am out of the social circle made up of young people in their skinny jeans and hip hairdo (I know, not wise to mention anything about hairstyle especially after my ‘Rooster Tale’ post), and I am beginning to feel a little bit of an ‘uncle’ myself. By that I mean feeling a little old, but not old age walking stick clutching old, just... matured old. If you know what I mean.

The problem is, I don’t totally feel comfortable heading into that direction at times. The thought of my screaming kids running wild along shopping aisles while the missus prowl ed the shelves of yet another ‘Toys R us’ or ‘Kiddy Palace’ store is enough to further lengthen another wrinkle across my forehead, and at some point in time the scenario will present itself. There are no two ways about it, kids are still kids, they will misbehave no matter how well taught they are.

The challenge has already begun.

Because Angel is ten months old and a little over, she has a bigger brain now I presume. And that little brain has started to extend it’s capability beyond feeding her information to demand milk and the things that little babies do. That little brain demands that she must grab one of those yellow Paddington bears hanging down from the ceiling of the ‘Guardian Pharmacy’ store. Failing which will trigger a signal that would entail a loud wail from her mouth or something on the line of breaking the weak dad’s heart.

With a sigh, I enlisted the help of a patient service staff who duly took down one of the stuffed bears. The crying and complaining stop, just like magic. I am sure if you ask David Copperfield or Chris Angel to teleport the Statue of Liberty or float in the air they would perform the act like eating cake. But they won’t stand a chance against good old Paddinton bear when it comes to making babies stop crying. This is the sort of thing that is hard, parenting, it’s deep knowledge. Because I have to decide against swiping my credit card or simply putting the bear back to where it belonged. I almost chose the former, but the missus had the good foresight to put the toy back.

She was right and I was wrong, I supposed. If my little girl start to cry and demand her way through all the time, my future would no doubt be the aforementioned, screaming kids along ‘Toys R Us’ alleys and overlapped wrinkles that would shame my neighbour’s bulldog. The curve is steeper than I imagine. Logic vs emotion, which would you choose? When it comes to soap opera Korean dvd serials, the missus wins hands down in the emotion department, you need to slay a tree or present a carton of soft tissue papers to pacify her. But when the real situation such as the abovementioned presents upon itself, trust the missus to play the logic card. Amazing split personality she has. She could be the perfect subject for any psychotherapist.

But seriously, she’s the perfect mum. When it comes to situations like this, she’s the better decision maker. I have no doubt she would also be the better discipline master as well. I, on the other hand gets bullied by my little princess more often than not. Picture this, the feel of warm and tiny palms running down your cheeks, your daughter looks intimately godly at you as she was stroking your cheeks, soooooo sweet... and while you are still savoring the loveliness, you heard a sudden smack, before you knew it the little bugger had drop a slap on your face. By the time you had come to, she’s already facing the opposite direction in her own high, smiling and chuckling away. She does have a knack for pulling off stunts like this.

That would be my little Angel for you currently. A big baby who has started to develope her own opinions, and already picking up her first few steps (with assistance of course). Despite her growth developments, she’s still a tiny baby at heart who is ever so glued to her weak dad. Walk away from her without carrying her when I returned home from work and I am asking for trouble, for she would cry and break my wretched heart. I am cursed for life, willingly.

There is an irony here. The future is coming and I have to embrace it, the aniticipation of learning more things in life and seeing your children grow up is exciting. But at the same time, it also meant I am leaving a lot of things behind, such as my carefree frame of mind which I tremendously enjoy when I was a younger me. Instead, I have to learn to grow up faster than my daughter would, and guide her well in her own path of bright future.

But my first course of action is to go up the mountain and learn from the great master. The one that is emotionally more logical than her husband.

Thank you May, my wife and a great mother, I can’t do this without you.


Gratitude said...

Don't know wot to express? Well, you did fine with 8 long, 1 medium and 2 short paragraphs.(i'd better not count the no.of words, else I'll get sarcastic tongkat whacking from Granny Twilight!) :P

I suppose the maternal instinct has triumphed time and time again. After all, Mom is the Real Head of the home, right?

Neways, 3 cheers to Angel for her early insight into the art of Daddy-abuse, and Big hugs and kisses to Mommy for her emotional logistics. Give yourself and pat or stroke on the head too(which head, you decide lor! mwahaha) for bringing home the bacon. ^_^

Leu said...

hi uncle beng~ :) nice to read your blog again~ if you r so worry abt Angel screaming and crying for toys in toys r us, then jst dun bring her there....right?

but i will bring something to her and spoiled her when i go there...muahahaha~ she's so cute in the second pic when she reading (or perhaps looking) at the book with ur missus :)

MiChi said...

well...we need to move on with life. Your party time over la... wait until your girl girl grow up, she will have her party time, and your head will turn white, especially if she bump into uncle Leu....hahahahha

Medie007 said...

in 2 months time, little angel will start to stand independantly. one month later, she'll be able to walk. and by 15 months, she'll walk anywhere she wants. 7 more months later, she'll be running up and down the stores. ;) cheerio daddy! u'll hold up fine.

Twilight Zone said...

Hey Papa! Happiness is written all over your face and your blogs! You have achieved another level in life where hair starts to grey and pocket starts burning holes. LOL... Just kidding!
Just relax and enjoy life now. When broke, pass the hat around all Angel's online God-Pa(s) for help. Ha ha!

Bengbeng said...

for someone who has nothing to blog quite a lot did spell out. it seems to me you have a great life. the envy of many i should think :)

foongpc said...

Aiyo! You are being bullied by little Angel! Without a doubt, you are spoiling her! Luckily your wife is there to stop this nonsense! Bless her! LOL!

foongpc said...

Nothing to blog about? What is this? This post is longer than mine by 3 times : )

kenwooi said...

sweet.. well you just expressed everything out! nice..

all the best being a good daddy! =D

A Common Singaporean said...

Gratitude aka Ant - In this age and time Mummy is definitely the real head of the family, well said!! And its true u know, there isn't much to talk about lately, I can't always talk about work which I have already gone through 10 hrs of it daily!!

Leu - Don't want lah, you so scary, all your ghost stories will scare her off lah, hahahaha!!! Seriously, if you do ever come better bring a big gift!!! Paddington Bear sounds good...

Michi - My wife told me Angel will become a party chiongster or clubber one day, so what am I going to do about it? I told her I can go clubbing with my daughter wat. Then she made this mockery laugh indicating a big NO NO! My daughter will hate me for life if I tag along to her parties.

Medie - Don't even remind me!! I had witnessed too many classic scenes of screaming children running in shopping malls, and I am still traumatized by them! I don't know how I am going to hold up by the time Angel is 5 years old.

Twilight - Yeah, and the first on the list would be you! I'll go up your house every CNY and demand big fat Ang Pows from you! You very rich wat, go holiday all the time! hahaha. Just joking lah, I know you work very hard also lah, sure must relax and unwind wan lah. But the Ang Pow thing not joking ok!

Beng Beng - Are you sure?! Envy of many?! Last I heard my life's pretty screwed with all those baby sitting and lack of freedom!! I haven't even been to a KTV for more than 2 years!!

Foong - Trust the man to always write in more than one comment. You certainly have the talent for spamming right, heheheh!! SO I cannot compare to you lah really, you can churn your posts faster than I fart. hahaha! I love your China trips, envious you know, makes me wanna go holiday.

Kenwooi - Did I? For a man who has nothing much to talk about, I must be pretty long winded, just like an uncle... sigh, old and 'lo sor'.

Bengbeng said...

i dont knowlah Keen. But it does seem an idyllic existence the way of life you are leading now :)

Abt yr comment on my blog and abt believing all of it, thanks. I am Wilson the character on the post. So, truth or not, it is the way i have lived my life. In my mind it is true. As to whether I am deluded etc who knows but i believe what has transpired in the past decades really did happen and are not a figment of my imagination. They havent stopped and I did blog abt the a recent episode.

But to be different sometimes invites unpleasant attention especially from the more 'morally upright' ones who will look down on lesser mortals like me. So I chose to be the mythical character Wilson

A Common Singaporean said...

Beng Beng - I do try to live a slightly idyllic lifestyle, but not totally, as much as I want. But I guess apart from some inner complains (as with most mortals), I am quite blessed. And I am thankful for that.

Regarding your comment on 'Wilson' character. You are of course not deluded. This might come to you quite as a shock or perhaps not, but I have my fair share on those stuff you mentioned, not totally similar with your experiences, perhaps only some of it.

Even then, I believe whatever you said. Everything.

For me, I try to focus on things I can control at man's will. For example I love running on the tracks because it gives me a sense of total control, every step my own, my pace, my own speed, its very real, things like that.

I hope what I said makes sense. Cheers, mate.

Bengbeng said...

you have messenger? :)

A Common Singaporean said...

Beng - Wow, such fast reply. Looks like you breathe internet in the middle of the night!! My msn ID is I do not have a Yahoo Messenger account. Cheeros.

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