Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Walk In The Park

We survived the challenge on Monday. When I suggested the outing, I had my own skeptic mindset and obstacle to wrestle over. A day in the Singapore Zoo could have been better, or the Night Safari and the Underwater world which we had both conquered triumphantly lugging our gears of baby ration and pampers mercenary.

But we went ahead anyway. However I was still skeptical behind the wheel driving towards the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It would have been so much more interesting catching rabbits and chasing tigers at the zoo with all the animal shows and gigantic elephant poo, but a day in the garden?

I imagine myself rattling to our baby daughter, “Wow Angel, look, its a green leafy tree with barks and brunches”, “Wow baby, another green leafy tree, and this one's got a darker shade of green”, “Hey over here, another tree, wow, also green in color, wow, isn't that cute darling? Wow”.

She may be a baby with a little brain but she's no push over. You show her the same trick twice she'll make an effort to feign interest. You conjure a similar trick one more time and her face will suggest you are insulting her intelligence. And believe me, it makes you look really stupid.

The way it turned out for the three of us, it was a walk in the park, and literally too. It was a splendid day at the biggest park in Singapore. Angel enjoyed herself tremendously although we were sweating like 3 fat pigs in this outdoor event. Spanning across 32 hectares of land, the garden had its root back in early 1822 when it was established as a “Botanical and Experimental Garden” at the Fort Canning Park. But it was only in 1859 that the piece of 32 hectare landscape granted its birth as the Singapore Botanic Garden. Today it is a prized tourist attraction in our tiny island of Singapore.

I hope I had the history correct because I am too lazy to google its proper origin. But you guys get the idea lah, it is a park, a solid great park, made up of er... lots of green stuff. Ok, now that we get that introduction part over let's move on to the pictorial segment of this post.

I wanted this post to be of a photography kind of post, with lots of well taken angled pics sprawling everywhere, but apparently my photography skills never improved since my NAFA days when I had to borrow fellow classmates' shoots to hand up for assignment. Also, armed with an idiot camera and pressing on the “auto” mode at every shot, I guess as much no photography awards will be given. So I ended up with much color tweaking in the Photoshop software which hopefully disguised my lack in photography shoots. But since I had already spilled the beans that I sucked in photography, I do hope everyone will still enjoy with us on our little journey in the garden of lots of green leafy trees.

Angel's absolutely cute smile!

Angel's cutie pose.

Angel's mummy pulling off a smooch.

Daddy time, hooray!!

Against the backdrop of the Bandstand, known as the “Gazebo”.

Angel in her pram by the Symphony Lake.

Mummy and Angel.

Angel's on the park bench.

Nothing, I put this in to show that the park is not all packed with green leafs.

Daddy time again! Woohoo!!!



Angel is so cute now~ :) how adorable... as for you, young man... i dont think botanical garden is boring... and the way tat u r hoo-haa-ing of saying "look at the leaf" is kinda dramatic...come on...lolz~

show her some greeny things... its good for her eyes :)

Twilight Zone said...

Woooooooo! So sweet and cute outing! I wished I am a baby once more. Ha ha ha!... Woi, you looked like you lost weight some more! On purpose ka?


A Common Singaporean said...

Leumas - Well, thanks to the trip, she's fascinated with trees now!! Wherever we went and there are trees, she'll mumble "omm omm" and point towards the trees. I guess she appreciates nature!

Twilight - Oh really!!! I'll send my wishes! And are you absolutely sure I lost weight again?? This can't be true becos I have been trying to gain some weight, attested by my ice cream indulging and potato chips munching almost every late night!! Last checked I gained a good 2 kg. Alamak I slap my head lah.

Gratitude said...

Gosh..... this Granny Twilight har...trying to get me into his age group! Sorry Niang Niang, I'm afraid you'd still hv to wave that magical tongkat all by urself! lolz

Ken ~ My nephew juz celebrated his 1st bday too. We sld pair them up in 20 years time huh? ^_^ Uncle Ant wld like to gv lil' Angel a big smooch too.

p/s thanks for your wishes ya. ^_^

Medie007 said...

haha. the way u describe angel's face when u tricked her for the 3rd time, that's priceless. ahaha.

how's ur back nw? u do look like you lost weight...

Bengbeng said...

hope yr back is better. the yoga helps by strengthening yr back. btw you look like u have lost weight

A Common Singaporean said...

Ant - Playing match-make har? Your nephew would hv to compete with Beng Beng's son, whom his father had already expressed earlier interest hahaha!

Medie - Hey man! Angel is already nearing her 1st birthday, which means she is much smarter, I can't forever use similar tricks on her! I am still coping and adjusting to her intellect growth. It really makes me feel stupid sometimes becos some of the tricks I used on her had become obsolete, nevermind that it could only be a month's time the trick was performed. And thanks for asking, back is not good still but better, but I'll manage.

Beng Beng - Thanks for the tip. Not a yoga fan really, but maybe I could get my wife to teach me some basic postures. I don't think I have lost weight u know, but every time everyone just tell me the same thing, even if I had never see a decline in my weight. I think I just look like a drug addict lah!

foongpc said...

Hey, the bandstand! I've seen it before! It was used by the bands performing last time?

foongpc said...

Angel looks cute! Did she enjoy herself at the park? I think you did not lose weight, you just lost some fat! hehe

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Aiyoh.....she's so cute :) really really really cute....... :)

Must grown up to be a pretty gal, then :)

Dropping by :)

Shionge said...

Great walk in the park with your little Angel Ken and beats all the rest of the tourist attraction I must say :)

A Common Singaporean said...

Foong - Yes, it is good for nad performance. Angel seem to love the place, yes she enjoyed the trip tremendously!

Elaine - Thank You for dropping by. My daughter is 11th month. so far so good as she takes after her mum's features. So she should grow up pretty. Would be worrying if her features resembles mine...

Shionge - haha. We are probably heading to Singapore Flyer for the next trip! Inspired by your flyer photos on your blog!

kenwooi said...

lovely snapshots around the park =)

Bengbeng said...

look like a drug addict? why dont u purchase those inflatable suits like superman thingy... everytime before you go out inflate the suit with air and come out looking like a beefy hunk hahahahahha

Gratitude said...

This blog is starting to attract termites! update update update :P

p/s btw, i dun think i look like a chef nor an accountant.... conman perhaps? mwahahaha

foongpc said...

Knock! Knock! Anyone there? Almost a month already!

Gratitude said...

Wakey, wakey
This blog is turnin' stinky! :P

Shionge said...

Yo...nice day out I must say and glad it's the garden and not just hitting the shopping mall and 'hang' around with other shoppers. Green is best trust me heheheh :D

Love her two front teeth ya...very very nice and very very cute...she's growing up fast Ken!

A Common Singaporean said...

kenwooi, beng beng, gratitude, & Shionge :

I am so sorry guys. So busy lately I havent been able to spend time your blogs and reply your comments. We keep in touch until the my next post... (God knows when)

Twilight Zone said...

I just awarded you the medal as the LAZIEST BLOGGER on earth! LOL....... hey hurry up blog just one word "HELLO" to tell us that you are alright. I will send you a bottle of clorox to remove the moss and maggots growing inside here!!!!!!!!!


A Common Singaporean said...

Twilight - I am gonna need a carton of those. You have been kind with your words. A bottle is an extreme understatement!! Sob Sob!!!